Power to Control

We’re all human and because of this we have many traits in common, but there’s one difference between those who are awake and those who remain asleep and that’s the awareness of just how conditioned one is.

To say there’s plenty of issues in our world is an understatement, but it will not change going in our current direction because there are so few that truly understand what it will take to allow this to happen. The fact of the matter is one can only change what’s within themselves, the world will never change because of my writings or volunteering to help others. It will make my story better and more enjoyable to me so I can feel good about myself, but that’s about it. When the individual conditioning that has been in place for eons changes, that’s when humanity will change. This conditioning is strictly about power. It’s always about the power to control, nothing more, but this isn’t about countries, it’s about people.

Everyone comes from where they come, from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton, to Kim Jong Un and it’s their conditioning that makes them do what they do. I mention this because they have much influence in what happens in the world, but there are many more players than those three. From those leaders who are at the top, as individuals I don’t see much love for others, I see a lot of wanting to control others (power). The power for control is at the base of the Conditioned Mind. Until there’s awareness that one can only change themselves if the world is to change, the desire for power and control will remain the direction that we go in individually and thus collectively. So not much is going change because everyone wants to change the world which keeps the conditioning that has been in place for eons at the controls of the individual and thus the collective.

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