Pointing Fingers

Unconsciousness is only supported by unconsciousness and because of the subtleness of unconscious energy this results in pointing fingers at others without the ability to truly look at yourself.

The Conditioned Mind supports unconscious energy and whatever spin one puts on it, this energy only allows you to point the finger at others. I knew when I posted the article yesterday afternoon on my timeline it was going to activate many triggers which would lead to name calling and finger pointing. All I did was post that I did not support the dividing energy of what NFL players where doing before each game; I chose to not watch the games. I was called a fraud amongst other things which doesn’t really bother me because the source of the name calling and finger pointing is from the unconscious energy that is destroying our society and planet. There’s very little understanding of what the Conditioned Mind is so there are many fingers that point at others along with other associated unconscious behavior. This energy has been in place for eons, it’s why humanity is in the dire straits that it is. This has nothing to do with what is happening, but it does have everything to do with the unconscious energy that one emits and lives by.

I see what is seen and it matters little if it’s agreed with or not. I write that’s it, I never wrote to be anything. If I’m a fraud to you so be it. If what I wrote yesterday or if my previous articles don’t resonate with you, move on. Go and latch onto someone who fits in with your conditioned behavior. I never claimed to be anything, I just write what arises in me. I don’t need to point fingers at people because I see the conditioning for what it, but I will call it as it arises in me. There’s so much energy that’s not only dividing our country, but it’s dividing our entire world, and although you may not agree with what I write, I will always write what arises in me, only because I have to as it is what is seen.

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