Peace Isn't Accidental

Peace isn’t something that just happens accidentally to a person. Even if it isn’t realized, peace is the result of being aligned with the energy that allows for it to be.

Those who are at peace with themselves are at peace with the world, but this isn’t because everything is as wanted nor is it accidental, no it’s because whether it’s realized or not, one is aligning themselves to the energy that provides peace. You cannot be at peace if you’re using tools that don’t provide peaceful results from being experienced. If the mind is agitated and it’s not understood that it is, peace will be difficult because the tools needed to provide it won’t be used; it won’t even be known that they’re needed. Forty nine years of using tools that didn’t provide peace caused me and those around me many years of suffering. It wasn’t because of a lack of looking for peace, but because I didn’t understand about using tools that provided the peace I was seeking, there were no results of peace. Although today the mind still gets agitated, at least I understand what’s happening so there’s a lot less suffering because the agitations just don’t remain in place for long periods of time. There’s also a lot less time spent in reinforcing the mind agitations that arise because of the understanding.

Prior to the understanding of my own mind, my mind was in a constant state of agitation, but it’s not the peace that results in the mind settling that I understand, what I understand is why there wasn’t peace. That there’s awareness of an arising agitation is all that has to be noticed for the mind agitation to loosen its hold and as one becomes more aware of this, the hold becomes less. Don’t delve to deeply into trying to understand this because it then becomes just another agitation. Just see it for what it is, don’t try to change it nor want it different, just notice the awareness aware of awareness, that’s it. This will result in peace and not because it’s happening accidentally, but because of being aligned with energy that allows the mind to settle enough for one to be at peace.

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