We think that men are useless,

We think that they are aimless,

But does anyone think, that they have hearts,

Which are often broken into parts,

When as a boy,

his girl,

Plays with it and swirls it around with a curl,

Do you think, what he goes through as a human,

You can't think of it, unless you put yourself in his shoe as a fellow human,

Men slog, hog, bog,dog,but,

they are the best of all of Gods creations!

As, they work,as hard,as they can,in order to take care of their families, to the best of their capacitations,

Mostly,Men are a defamed lot!

They should not be defamed, but should be an adored lot!

As, they are the best because,they strive to be good sons, brothers , husbands , fathers and on the whole good human beings!

So, love them, adore them and respect them for who they are, rather than making them a butt of all the female domination, they have to bear with , in various situations and personifications of their lives!

Men are one of the best creations of God and a mutual sustenance of their existence along with women , is the need of the hour.

So, hats off to all Men!

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