Meandering Thoughts of a Wandering Heart

     Strange are the ways of the heart! One wonders at times, how do you feel after a long spell of unending struggles and how you meander through a mix of amalgamated thoughts. You think and pause and wonder, that ohh, was that worth all the sighs and ahhs, that you put in! Was it really worth it , that you put your heart and soul towards a direction, which at the start of it, looks very attractive and appealing, but once the goals are achieved, the desire to go ahead loses its meaning.
   Your heart meanders through a spiralling wind, where you feel that you have reached square one, from where you have started! The ways of your heart and the ways of your mind are often so intertwined in a complicated manner, that you often as yourself the question, as to , now what?
  It is a strange stalemate, a stalemate which arises out a series of happenings, at a feverish pace and ultimately those things happen, which you fear that , this day would come, at the end of the tunnel.
But, then you sit back and understand, that this is what the entire entangled situation was about. It was a mingled  set of activities, which were a need of the hour and when you try to look back a re-evaluate and ponder over them, then you realise that all the work was required and after as long hiatus, one needs to sit back and take rest.
  Life has a strange melancholic way of rushing at a fast pace and suddenly when certain goals are achieved, it suddenly slows down and takes a meandering course of flow, just as lazy river, which is going to reach the sea! Little does the river realize that once it reaches its threshold, it will mingle with an entirely different attitude, a different identity.
   Life is like that , when you venture out as a young person, you are alive and full of aspirations, so desirous of getting what you want, but in its entirety, do you realize , what is actually substantial. What is actually what you want out of it. This is one thing, which most of the women and men, fail to realise, one just goes on and on, some feel , that this is life, some fee that , that is life, but how many really know what actually life is and what is a persons aim.
   Dreams are always the driving force behind whatever one wants to do, but does one ever ask your own self, that what the heart wants from you, what is actually the inner desire?
  You will be surprised that mostly the answer will be a assertive no. Then where is this world running to and what are the actually  seeking in it gay abandon, is it freedom, is it a goal, well the answer lies in your heart and soul and only those who discover, what their heart wants, realize the real worth of life.
  Our thoughts are just like waves in the sea, where the desires of the heart meanders and veers us in a direction of fulfilment and intonation and that is how I rate my state of mind at present.
One should know how to control ones heart, with the sheer power of the mind and once the heart is controlled, so is your Life! 

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