Indwelling Love

A created lack is why one reaches outward for something. Inward is one’s indwelling completeness based on one’s own indwelling love. Any lack is strictly created by having a view that something’s missing.

Nothing is ever missing in one’s life, it’s only the Conditioned Mind that makes one think there is. There’s never a true lack, it always comes from what one’s own mind creates. Fulfillment always comes from one’s own indwelling love, which is provided by the Universe. It’s the indwelling self of creation, it’s what one is made of. All the other nonsense that goes on is just the story that’s made up between the ears. One’s indwelling love is truth, it’s the place where peace passes all understanding. The outward nonsense that something is missing is the cause of suffering.

To go inward, is to go where there is nothing but love. To go outward is to go where there is nothing but a void that needs filling. This void (lack) is what creates suffering, because there’s nothing outward that can satisfy it, ever; only one’s indwelling love can satisfy this. One’s indwelling love is always there, that’s why there is never anything truly missing in one’s life, but with an undisciplined mind there isn’t awareness of this indwelling love so the only alternative is to look and reach for it outwardly. The need to look outward for anything would never be if there was the understanding nothing is missing. One only seeks because there is a lack and there is lack because of the unawareness of truth. When truth is known, the seeking ends because when one knows the indwelling self one is in touch with their indwelling love, and when one loves, there will be the understanding that there is no void to fill nor any lack because nothing is missing.

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