A Lone Bird!

A lone Bird

I am a Bird,

Who swirls, flits around in a carefree manner, in the blue horizon, without any any cares or a word!

My day starts with the sparkle of the Sun,

Flitting around and scampering in the cool environs of a tree,without any desire to spurn,

I fleet into the sky with a hope to achieve,

And swoop down on my prey,with the tenacity to retrieve,

My share of flesh,

To calm the pangs of hunger,

Which hammer through my inner realms,

When satisfied, i move on and

Sway around in the radiant blue skies,

With gay abandon, like a maiden,who wanders with cheerful wanton,

I am

Joyous and alive and my appearance is such that it depicts the glory,

The fantastic story,

That God once wrote and painted it along with vast skies and sighed with a sigh and thought and said, " that is my delicate passion, a lighter version of me personified in real!"

A bird has always fascinated me,

Because of its access to freedom of movement and thought, which evokes a sense of equanimity!

That is a lone Bird,

Which looks alone but , she is actually not alone ,

She needs no one ,

She is free,

Free for herself,

Free to the world ,

Free to do whatever she wants at her own discretion and the best part is that her freedom is uninhibited, unrestricted, absolutely pure.

That is a lone Bird to me !

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