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Tools Determine Life

Life doesn't determine life, the tools developed determine life and not a damn thing can be done to change the way you do things until the tools that drive your way of thinking change.

Life doesn't determine life, the tools one has developed to respond to each moment is what determines life. If you are seeking for life to be different, that may or may not necessarily happen. Nor does it have to happen, but how life is viewed can become different if the tools in place are changed. If you are reading this it's probably because the tools you have developed over the course of your life aren't giving you the expected (satisfying) results. The only way this will change is by developing new tools. The mind becomes unconsciously conditioned because of the influences it's exposed to and until this is realized, the unconscious conditioning remains in control. 

The tools in place are what drives a person to do what they do. Liberals are liberals as conservatives are conservatives and not a damn thing can be done to change this until the tools that drive the attachment to this way of thinking is changed. Most people are not conscious enough to even see this. One of the main tools that needs to be changed is thinking your way is the right way. The willingness to let the attachment go of thinking your way is the right way allows for a minuscule of openness which makes the way life is viewed different. Once life is viewed from this openness, it allows for many other non beneficial tools to be replaced with ones that are more beneficial. We all use tools that are developed over a course of time. The question is are you using tools that allow you to get the most out of life?

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