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Life is so funny and strange. It shows all its colors in a short time and though at times you feel at peace with yourself, at other times you feel so agitated and upset with life, that you feel that it is meaningless for you.
   Lately the feeling of peace has been overpowering my mind and it has been soothing my battered soul. I was left bereaved and shattered when I lost two very dear people in my life. Slowly with great will power, grit and determination, I gathered my emotions  and tried to get on with my life.
   When a lot of things happen especially with me,at that moment of time , or that duration of time, I go with the flow and react as the way it is required of me.But, when that phase of struggle or series of events passes , then I sit and ponder , as to what were my actions and how I could I could have reacted better. That is my nature, my intrinsic nature , where I ponder and evaluate my actions and reactions.
    Life is an amalgam of emotions and when there is a whirlwind of different emotions, then you are shaken, shaken from within, but then life has its own way of mending its ways and it soothes you and relaxes. What should a person do, when things are not shaping up the way you want them to shape up,when you are not able to handle yourself mentally and emotionally? What should You do when you are utterly confused and in a fix?
   You should maintain your sanctity and try to handle things in a balanced manner and set things right.Life is a mixed bag of good and bad things, where on the one side you are feeling at peace with your soul and on the other side there is something niggling you, to such an extent, that it can disturb your soul as well.
  These are the ways of Life and the machinations of God, he sees me in suffering and mends all my wounds and things inch back to normal.When I think of what life has given me. the joys and the sorrows, then I don't think that there are more sorrows as ,he has blessed me with a lovely family and understanding parents and a host of other things, of which I am not even aware.In this scenario the profundity of the sorrows I face becomes very minuscule.
   Being a hard core optimist my mind and emotions help me fathom the intensity of the sorrows and I don't think I should wallow in them and I should ignore them and move on with the good things of my life. Ultimately, the optimist in me wins and I move on happily, like as though nothing has happened. I admire this incomparable ability of mine wherein , I move on despite facing very difficult challenges in my Life. Sometimes I feel I am blessed by the lord Almighty and I strongly feel he keeps his affectionate hand on me at all times, that is why the regular challenges and sorrows I face are overcome by me in no time and I move with a cheerful demeanor, as times passes.
   So, these were my pondering at the present stage of my life. All in all, I am satisfied and happy as I have, as mentioned above moved on and I am in a happy space, where there is contentment and joy.
Life is and always will be worthwhile, as no matter what happens, there is hope for a better tomorrow always.

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