On Why I Hate Organized Religion

      I am a god-loving person (As diametrically opposed to god-fearing). And I am certainly not an atheist. But at the same time, I hate religion. I will explain why.
      My first grouse with organised religion is their flawed concept of 'True God' and 'False Gods', whatever all this rubbish means. Many religious people reiterate that their 'God" is the 'True God', and that all other 'Gods' are 'False'. There cannot be a bigger fallacy than this. GOD IS ONE and He is not Copyrighted by any particular community or religion. Religions have been created by humans, who are nothing more than just one more of His Countless Creations. Now there are more and more evidences of extra-terrestrial life. The Almighty belongs to them too, my dear religious zealots. The Almighty is not a registered patent of any particular religion. So much for that thing called 'True God'. And one more thing. Human history bears testimony to the fact that THE TRUER THAT A GOD IS, THE MORE DEADLY AND MALEVOLENT HE BECOMES, FOR ALL THOSE WHO ARE NOT IN THE TRUE GOD'S CAMP.
     Let us keep this short and succinct and to the point. My second misgiving is the tendency of most of the organized religions to proselytize, or convert people from other religious faiths to their religion, which comes along with the freebie add-on called 'True God'.  The whole purpose of conversion is to achieve the status of being in the majority, and the ultimate purpose of conversion is to ensure that all other faiths and view-points, opinions, and philosophies too, are all completely wiped off the face of this planet. Here too, my dear bigots of this world, GOD IS NOT AN INSECURE POLITICIAN WHO NEEDS THE MAJORITY OF VOTES AFTER EVERY FOUR OR FIVE YEARS, SO THAT HE CAN CONTINUE IN OFFICE AS GOD. THE ALMIGHTY WILL CONTINUE TO REMAIN THE ALMIGHTY, IN SPITE OF THE NUMBERS THAT YOU GARNER FOR HIM, AND ALSO IN SPITE OF THE LACK OF NUMBERS THAT YOU HAVE FAILED TO MUSTER FOR HIM! How stupid can mankind be!!!
    Now the third rant! Religion makes man to think that he is 'Very Special'. He is in 'God's Own Category and Image', and above all other animals and plants. This kind of vainglorious mentality has brought mankind to the brink of extinction. He cut trees with gay abandon thinking that no sin is going to be accrued by cutting trees and destroying the environment. After all, he is the spitting image of the Almighty himself. So he can do whatever he likes, and destroy trees and animals with impunity, and with scant regard to environment. As the things stand now, most probably the trees and animals are going to survive and outlive the 'very very special according to religions' human species. And at the same time, it appears that mankind is soon going to become extinct, because of Ozone Layer depletion and Global Warming etc., unless some very drastic measures are taken. Already, parts of Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq, have become uninhabitable for and too hot for humans to survive, and this kind of extreme and inhospitable weather conditions is only going to increase in the future. But many animals and plants can survive in these extreme conditions. The six legged water bear can sustain temperatures of up to 200 degree Celsius. There are so many other plants and animals that are well adapted to these inhuman climatic conditions. So, they will continue to exist. It is only that the vainglorious man with his bloated ego of invincibility, would have completely perished from this universe and become an extinct species.  So much for man's self-anointed superiority complex of being a spitting image of God, a falsehood that is once again perpetrated by organised religion. Man is at the best, just a very small part of this incredibly mystic and wonderfully beautiful creation by the ultimate creator, the Almighty, and he is not distinct or separate from it, as taught by most organized religions.
      The sum total of all this is that more innocent people have lost their lives in this world due to religion, than due to any other cause. How could I , a God-Lover, ever accept that something that has only bred hatred and divided the humanity, and something which is the killer of millions of people, and that which is killing millions of people, and that which will kill millions of people in the future, namely religion, can ever represent my omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent and my breathtakingly beautiful and mystically enigmatic Almighty God?
Biju Vasudevan (Author, Poet, and Creative Musician)



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