Life-A Reflection of the Sea( an introspection)

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Life- A Reflection of the Sea

Life passes you without you realising, that, "oh", this has also passed!

It's like the absolute calm after a storm.Your life is like the sea, which keeps its stability, no matter what happens on the surface.

It looks calm, but,if you take a dip inside and enter the realms and wade through the depths of the sea, then you will realize that there is so much of action in the fish kingdom! Hither and tither the fishes keep swimming, to look for food and saving themselves from becoming a prey!

In the same way life has a lot going on in the inner conscience and most of the people, don't realize that they have to get a hold of their lives and not get affected by the turmoils they face outside and as a result disturbing the inner balance.

Life goes on, whether you have the worst kind of problems, as,time heals everything and hope and ultimate faith in God, carries you through every thick and thin!

Those who have acquired this inner peace and stay unaffected by the outside turmoil,are mostly successful not only in their careers but ,also live a good life as content human beings.

Inner peace is that realm of any persons conscience, which is stable and stays like that forever.Like if you are on the seaside, you are at peace, hardly knowing what is going on in the depths of the sea!

In the same way every person should strive to be at peace, perpetually, as it is the key to success, not only for your own self, but,beneficial immensely,for those with whom they are related to.

Life goes on and so do the turmoils which vanquish you, move on! A wise person accepts this reality of the volatile nature of life and stays unaffected by the outside happenings around him.

Life is like the calm and blue sea, with storms coming and going, yet life goes on! So try to learn lessons from the mighty sea and stay " Calm!", in the face the worst life scenarios. Believe me , any restlessness or distrust on God, will not lead you anywhere. Just think to yourself and say, " God this will also pass , I know it, as these are the ways of Life!"

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