How to break bad Website habits

Everyday I visit scores of websites.

Why do I do this? Just like a Scientist I like to dissect and analyse all the average content from all the good stuff out there.

In a way if defeats the purpose of having a website if your content doesn't capture your prospect right away.

So you're probably asking me right now, Carlo "how do I get better at writing web copy"?. Good question.

For starters it's better to avoid cliches ,drivel , and Sales hype at all costs.

Most of the time when I'm writing Web Copy I follow these Copywriting techniques below.

Enjoy this list ...

1) Short paragraphs – four sentences max; short sentences – twelve on average

2) Avoiding the passive tense-  The homeowners renovated the house to help it sell. (active) The house was renovated by the homeowners to help it sell. (passive) leave out unnecessary words; Market-leading – Which market are you leading? And do your customers care?

3) Avoiding jargon and gobbledygook; "At the end of the day can be replaced with ultimately, essentially, or just omit

4) Avoiding needless repetition; The company’s share price reached a new record high. Delete “new. Avoid using the word I , We, or ours and replace with You, Yours .

5) Use Shortened text.  Instead  of As Soon As Possible.   "One of our team will be in touch with you ASAP"

Some pretty basic stuff.
(Sorry but couldn't help myself  with today's Web lesson).

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Best Carlo
Direct Response Copywriter

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