Emotions Ride

A thought is but a thought, it has no emotional tie until there’s attachment, but its not the thought that has control, it’s the attachment because without the attachment the thought would have no energy.

When something happens in life and an emotion is attached to it, the roller coaster ride begins. Up, down, round and round, loop the loop, fast, slow and when it finally runs its course, the ride stops, that is until the next emotion pushes the start button. Our thoughts aren’t in control until they are attached to and the start button is pushed. A thought is a thought is a thought, there’s no substance to it until it’s attached to, but its not really the thought that is given control, it’s the attachment because without the attachment the thought would be unable to attain energy. A thought does not start the roller coaster, you can have a thought all day long, but this doesn’t push the start button. It is strictly the attachment to the thought that starts the ride and puts the emotions in motions.

Our thoughts are like electricity and this is the energy that starts the roller coaster, it’s always there like a light that’s plugged in just waiting to be turned on. So depending on how you are conditioned, regardless of the nature of the thought, when there is attachment to the thought the on button is pushed and the roller coaster starts moving; it has been set in motion and it will now have to run its course. You pushed the start button so you will have to endure the consequences of this. Some roller coasters are larger, faster, and scarier than others, we may want to blame others for starting the ride, but no one is responsible for starting it but ourselves. If you don’t want to constantly be on a roller coaster ride for the rest of your life, you will need to understand you are not your thoughts or emotions and just maybe you will learn how to not push your roller coasters start button.

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