A Friend

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A Friend
A friend is a jewel,
Who is priceless and he is original,
He is a joy, who you discover and enjoy,
You wonder how you found him,
And ponder on his wisdom,
And then it strikes you ,
That, he had appeared of nowhere and it is he who really likes you,
In a way which is characteristic of him,
As,he is unique,
With a heart that is brimming with love,that in fathomable,
A friend is a treasure,
With whom you are always in a state of pleasure,
He is that blessing from God,
Who bears no relation to you,
But,has a significant presence in your life,
To an extent where the bonds are strong as a rock,so strong, that you can give up your "dear life", for him,
At times you ponder, as to how did you come together,
Pat comes the answer from within,
A friend is a blessing, an angel, a partner, a true guide and a strong support for anyone.
This bond is not made , it happens and if it is true,it lasts a lifetime for any and everyone,
A friend is a friend,is a friend and if you have one or many, you are fortunate and blessed to have one, as relationships break and wither away, but, even if you fight with a friend for years, if he / she asks forgiveness you tend to forgive and forget and begin your friendship once again, as if nothing has happened!,
Relatives, brothers, sisters, even parents can leave you high and dry, in crisis, but a friend, will never leave you,
As it is rightly said ," A friend in need is a friend Indeed!"

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