Without Question

To love is to live. Without love, there is the constant need to seek answers to questions about life, but when you love the seeking stops because the need to ask questions stops.

Have you ever wondered what the meaning of life is? There’s no way of really knowing this unless you make up an answer through the mind made concept of a thought. You can make up any answer you want, but know this, it isn’t a true answer, it’s made up by the Conditioned Mind because it needs something to latch on to. The Conditioned Mind doesn’t like it much when there’s no real answer to something so it will make one up. This is the essence of a Conditioned Mind, it has to have an answer, but having an answer isn’t necessary to live except to the Conditioned Mind.

The very essence of all that the Universe stands for is the very essence of what happens in each and every moment. An answer is not needed though, but if the mind isn’t settled this will not be seen. The answers to “What is the the meaning of life” is there is no answer, because an answer isn’t needed to live. A made up one is needed if you are living a delusional life, but if your mind is settled, an answered won’t be needed because the question won’t come up. With a settled mind questions aren’t needed because it’s known love is what exist and everything else is just a made up answer of the Conditioned Mind. When questions arise from the Conditioned Mind about this or that, understand the only answer needed is to be still and love. It is here that no questions arise and no answers are needed because you know, all you need is love.

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