The Guy Who Talks About Weed

By Brian Grimmer

Ask any of my friends, I am 'that guy' among my friends. As a professional, you might think that being public about cannabis would not be a wise career choice. Admittedly, the social perspective of such a professional association, even as recently as just a few short years ago, may have held some consequential truth and wisdom. Thankfully, that idea is quickly fading away and falling to the wayside. Why wouldn't an intelligent, creative business-minded person want to identify with or participate in a multi-billion-dollar industry rich with opportunity?

Cannabis is an industry that is growing exponentially as more and more states choose to regulate and legalize cannabis. New businesses open, jobs are created for those with skills once hidden from 'authority.' Growers, processors, networking skills, marketing experience, accounting skills, and people skills once looked at with disdain are now able to gain employment as skilled laborers, leaders, and creatives.

While I have plenty of graphic design examples, the once-hidden pot leaf, infographics, and other cannabis-related marketing materials I developed in college are now professional portfolio subjects. My activism experience and collegiate reputation as 'the marijuana man' for conducting research into the cannabis culture equate into marketable skills and experience. For me personally, designing for the cannabis industry is a form of personal activism through professional marketing. I love what I do as I develop artwork and websites that support businesses and cannabis users are who are highly capable, talented, creative professionals in their chosen professions.

I'm proud to be both an artist and activist for an industry I know is creating jobs as well as entrepreneurial opportunities. Job creation is good for business as well as good politics. Activism and business opportunity combine to strip away the negative social associations and connotations with cannabis that many successful professionals have proven to be untrue.

Brian Grimmer is a freelance graphic designer, web developer, and proprietor of Grafx.One, a freelance design studio in the Seattle area. Brian has more than thirty years of design experience in the creative arts industry. Call Grafx.One to take your business to the next level with a professionally designed logo or website.

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