Sports Car Market magazine - Cover layouts

By Brian Grimmer

Just posted some work from the past in my Behance portfolio. While serving as the art director for Keith Martin's Sports Car Market (SCM) magazine back in 2001-2002.  I learned a lot about collector cars and developed an appreciation for classic automobiles during my time working with the company.

Published by Keith Martin in Portland, Oregon, I transitioned SCM from Adobe PageMaker to InDesign 2.0 and significantly streamlined the production process. Assembling the cover was always my favorite part of the monthly publication process. Using artist supplied artwork, the challenge was developing a masthead that complemented the artist's work yet still worked within the readability needs of the informational content. Today we have tools and mobile apps like Adobe Color which assist in making color selection an easy, if not enjoyable process.

Features within InDesign allowed the design process of the SCM cover to be sped up and simplified by using a template. Further revisions for the next issue only involved replacing the textual data, changing the colors, and linking to the cover artwork in the InDesign tool panel. Under the similar but more complex PageMaker publishing process, any changes to the masthead had to be applied to a separate Adobe Illustrator file and relinked. The method of using a color flexible masthead and commissioned artwork inclusion was popular practice for publications who enjoy a strong name recognition in their particular industry and market. Wanting to expand beyond the niche though, (and likely to increase the efficiency of the overall production process as I recall the artwork selection and subsequent artist negotiations were very consuming of Keith's time) SCM has since updated their look and feel significantly to appeal to a broader audience.

Keith Martin knows his cars and Sports Car Market magazine exemplifies his vast knowledge on the subject. If you are into classic and collector cars (or are considering owning one), I invite you to check out Sports Car Market magazine before you even think about car shopping.
Check out my Sports Car Market magazine cover layouts in my Behance portfolio
Check out the magazine cover layouts created for Sports Car Market magazine using Adobe InDesign 2.0 back in the day.
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