Reworking Our Ruts

When one becomes rutted in their thought patterns, they're automatically defaulted to when triggered. Depending on what the inclination of the patterns are determines how much suffering they will cause.

Ruts and patterns are formed over years and are constantly reinforced so don't think they are just going to go away overnight. The default of the triggers can be changed, but it will take seeing them for what they are for this change to take place, and because it took many years to create them, it will take time to get out of them. The first thing that has to happen is noticing these ruts and patterns exist. Deciphering whether they are beneficial in your life will determine if they fall away or if they are continued to be held in place.

The tricky thing with the mind is regardless what these patterns are, they were initially deemed beneficial or they wouldn't be there. Think about it, smoking, drinking, drugs, over eating, sexually lust, gambling, tv, greed, hate, programs; self help and 12 Step, shopping, success, your favorite team, your Self, and so on, all things the mind has made you think are beneficial, if not you would have never used them to begin with and they would have never become ruts. These ruts can be reworked, but it will take a willingness to look within to see the patterns arise when they're triggered. No one can get you out of your rut, pointers are given and you will have to learn how to apply them, but as stated pointers only point. Ruts take a long time to create, remember Rome wasn't built in a day so be kind to yourself. Accept yourself as you are without wanting the moment different and eventually you will see the ruts simply fall away on their own.

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