Remarkable turrnaround.. after shocking trip to the VET

Have you been there? when you are faced to make a gut wrenching decision.

Well in a nutshell this story is a triumph over tragedy.

Still gives me goose bumps when I cast my mind back to this anxious moment. Even though it happened in May 2013 it still feels like yesterday.

For about 3 days our dog Holly was in so much pain that the very act of walking was proving uncomfortable. That Sunday night I dropped her off, to the 24 hour Vet hospital hoping for a miraculous recovery… but instead it proved to be a nightmare. 

Overnight tests weren’t promising to say the least which left us in the dark as to what to do next. The shocking news was that unless we spent an exorbitant amount of money like $8000 she would be put down.

Fast forward the next day and we were running out of time to make a vital decision. So courageously my wife Silvana whisked poor Holly away from that place to get a 2nd opinion. 

Luckily she managed to get an immediate appointment with our trusted Vet. 

The vet sensed it was do-or die situation so immediately we rushed off to the ultrasound clinic for a proper diagnosis.

Thankfully they discovered the problem. An Apricot pip was found in her intestine! How on earth did she manage to swallow that? What a stroke of luck – we are now in heaven!

The best part is 2 little girls were the happiest kids in the world.

Cheers Carlo 

Direct Response Copywriter 

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