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Reaching YOUR Potential

Everyone has the potential to be whatever it is that’s in them, and although it may not be exactly what’s wanted, the mind will need to settle so it can be revealed what YOUR potential is.

Everyone has the potential to reach whatever it is that’s in you, but you can’t exceed your potential because it’s what’s in place. No matter how much focus and dedication you have, if it’s not there to do a certain thing, it’s not there. If the potential isn’t in you to reach where you think you need to be, you will not get there and you will suffer. This is how one creates their own suffering; I know, I did this for years. I would say Minor League Baseball has many focused and dedicated players getting the max out of their potential, but it’s just not enough to reach the Major Leagues. This is only a problem if you think in order to be successful you have to make the majors. This goes for just about anything, there are many more people with balanced traits than those who have the potential to go to a higher level, but understand the potential to reach a higher level is already in them, they are just doing what’s necessary to maximize it.

Nine years ago I became a writer. I never went to school for it, nor took a course or anything else. It was never my aspiration or dream, it’s just something that arose in me when I put myself in alignment with my potential, I didn’t do this consciously, it just happened. This is where the value of the mind settling comes in, it allows you to truly get to know yourself so you don’t think you need to be who you aren’t. My greatest assets is in not trying to be anything but what I am. I don’t want to be anyone else nor do I need for anything to be other than what it is. Think about the peace in this, but it’s not peaceful because things are the way I think they should be, it’s peaceful because I know my potential and there is a focus and dedication that allows it to be. I’m not special, everyone has the potential to be whatever is in them, and although it may not be to write, the mind just needs to settle so it can be revealed what YOUR potential is.

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