Oh no My wife uttered these 3 words again….

I’ve had  some of the worst  days of my life.

Things had just gone from bad to worse
and then from worse to a total disaster...

It was bad enough being made redundant once but who would of thought of twice in the space of just 2 months.

So rather than blame the economy like most people do I’ve reassessed things…

  1. I’ve acknowledged that  working for others is not what I’m best at.
  2. There is always a Silver lining

So my wife sat me down and said Carlo it might be time for you to "GET A REAL JOB!"

Well I agree with her that’s the obvious solution to this dire predicament.

But I knew I could fix this.


So I figured, who can I ask for some guidance?

I turned to a good friend BIG Al Connolly. Go here to check out his profile 

Happens that Allan has been voted 3 times as the most influential Small Business person in Perth.

And within a blink of an eye I was chatting to a potentially new client.

The lesson here today is never under estimate the power of association.

So I’ll never stop giving up on my dreams so I encourage you to do the same.

Sometimes we think we fail in life and in business. But as famous Motivational speaker Denis Waitley once said we can turn failure into fertiliser.

Cheers Carlo 

Direct Response Copywriter 

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