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Letting Go of Self

Seeking happiness makes it elusive so it will constantly be sought, and this is because the Self that wants happiness only knows how to seek it, it doesn’t know how to be happy.

Most people look at happiness as if it’s something that can be attained, but the only way to experience happiness is by letting it go, and what it is that needs to be let go of is the Self who wants to be happy. Everyone at some level understands that happiness can’t be found in things, but usually it’s discounted and one continues to pursue happiness as something to attained. In the process happiness will continue to be elusive, thus it will continue to be sought. There may be moments of happiness in one’s life, but only when things are the way that they are wanted. This is another trap (Mind Pattern) of the Conditioned Mind and it wrecks havoc because it keeps one entrapped to thinking life needs to be a certain way and this is where happiness lies. Many pursue this and cause their own death, but this is extreme. Happiness is mostly pursued by just about everyone and even though it’s not to the extreme of death, it is at the cost of one’s own freedom.

Happiness is always dependent on something that one’s Self finds appropriate. This appropriateness arises in many forms and it’s very difficult to spot because of the conditioning in place. It arises as any judgement you may have of another or situation, this is strictly the Self thinking that it knows what’s best for everyone. Really it all comes down to wanting whatever arises different and not being able to just be with what is and simply being ok with that. Until that time comes, happiness will continue to be elusive, but it will constantly be sought because the Self that wants happiness only knows how to seek it, it doesn’t know how to be happy.

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