Knowing is the not the same as understanding!

If it’s ok with you I dare explain the difference.

So here goes.

You can have knowledge about a particular business skill or anything else for that matter.

But understanding is where the rubber hits the road.

Case in point…. Everyone knows that Facebook Advertising is a powerful medium.

But understanding tells,you  are waay… better off paying an expert to do the Marketing for you.


Because logically you are never going to do it as effectively as they are.

Obviously its natural to want to save moolah doing it yourself .

Truth is …. you still have to be mindful to pick the right one.

That’s where research comes into play.

Kinda reminds me of Copywriting too.

There is as much research involved than actually writing, and coming up with the BIG IDEA.

After all, just because you think you can.

Doesn’t mean you can.

Pep talk over

Have a great day

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