Ignorance Isn't Bliss

Truly diabolical is the Conditioned Mind and what makes it so is it isn’t seen nor understood that your enemies cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts can.

If you don’t learn to understand your own mind and the way it controls you, the control will never wane and although you will be alive, you will be no different than a plant which is basically controlled in the same way. A seed in its natural environment does what it’s conditioned to do to grow into a plant, but it just happens there’s not much else to it. People think they have free will and choices, but without truly understanding how the mind becomes conditioned so it can control, there is only bondage. This will have to be thoroughly investigated if it’s to be understood and even then it will not be easy to break the hold of the deeply engrained conditioning that’s in place. I know this from my experience and at least today by understanding the conditioning in place, its control has waned to a large degree. But make no mistake knowing all about the mind and understanding how it controls you are two different things.

Many are much more knowledgeable then me when it comes to knowing about the mind, but not many understand the conditioning in the way it has been revealed to me. There was total bondage for many years and because there wasn’t an understanding of this, it kept me ignorant to the control my own mind had over me. This ignorance was not bliss, it caused suffering to many, but nobody was with me all the time except myself so it caused the most suffering to me. This is what the Conditioned Mind does, it wrecks havoc internally which in turn manifest as unloving behavior externally. Truly diabolical is the Conditioned Mind and what makes it so is that this isn’t seen nor understood. And what truly needs to be understood is that your enemies cannot do you the harm that your own unguarded thoughts can.

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