Have you tried this? Your RAS never fails.

Someone recently asked ,how do you get inspired when you don’t know what to write ?
Anyway, Love explaining my little theory…  about better blog writing .

What about you? Do you struggle in this important activity?
It’s true , Rome wasn’t built in a day so, at least here me out.

This is my cure to your writing dilemma ....

Truth is ….don’t get caught in that fear of “what to write trap” because that’s one way to weaken your writing mojo.

Funny enough.

Surprisingly even an old timer...  like me can show you how to unleash your creative power.

Believe it or not... the answer lies in a bunch of nerves that are located somewhere between
the Medullla Oblongata and Mesencephalon.


Psychologists refer to this sensation as our RAS = RETICULAR ACTIVATING SYSTEM

It’s main function is to filter out what you’re hearing and what’s in your subconscious mind.

Similar to how a secretary filters out the nuisance phone calls to prevent the Company Executive from getting interrupted.

It goes without saying that we are all consumers by nature.

For instance.

You want to buy a luxury car and research everything about it online.

The next day you might  be driving on the way to work and that same car you were looking for starts appearing just everywhere.

You see those cars would have been there anyway.

It’s your RAS that hones in on that vehicle.

So how does this relate to Marketing , especially writing blogs ?

Well basically if you want to get good at this skill just like me you need a trigger point.
A couple of years ago I decided to get good at email Marketing.

So I began to start listening to other Marketing Guru’s podcasts so I could learn to master this skill.

Basically all you have to do is start with an idea and  every time you’d be randomly doing an activity like

Chatting to a friend
be driving, or doing the gardening

And all of a sudden ideas will just start popping into your head.

So yep no need to struggle writing content anymore my padawan …..  as all the answers lie in your RAS.

Cheers & Have a great day!


Direct Response Copywriter 

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