Entrapped to Reaching

Anything that's used in the waking up process which points outside yourself will simply not get it done and this is so regardless of how much time and effort are put into it.

The waking process is only complex because of the Conditioned Mind. This is because it tells you your answers are out there somewhere, but this reaching outside is what causes one to remain entrapped. You become entrapped to the desire that's causing the reaching and reaching leads to attachment which leads to bondage, hence one is entrapped. Sorry, but this is factual even if it's ignored. What seems to be at the core of the misunderstanding is the reaching. You cannot reach without being entrapped. Prison is prison regardless if it's maximum or minimum security, or house arrest. This is easily justified because the reaching being the problem isn't identified and as long as it's not, one remains entrapped to it. There's no way around this. This isn't seen by many people so the reaching and one's discontents remain to cause more reaching.

I'm not a know it all when it comes to the waking up process, but I do know the reaching is what kept me entrapped for many many years. This conclusion wasn't revealed by reading someone's book or belonging to a program, it was revealed when I saw I didn't need the present moment any different than what it was. This is the key to the so called kingdom that everyone is reaching for. It's the only way one won't be entrapped to the prison of reaching outside. No where else exist except right now so you will have to come to terms that you are trying to live somewhere else. You can only discover this for yourself, my writings point to this as do many, but only you can see this so it takes hold. If not you will remain in the self created prison of reaching for an answer that your Conditioned Mind makes you think is out there somewhere.

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