Does your sports team embarrass you?

Bull eye's question. All of us are afraid of our team losing.

You feel like a loser. the shame. The agony. such raw emotion.

So how can you avoid these feelings? 

If you are a one eyed fan it maybe sacrilege.. barracking for the underdog but believe it or not it's quite cathartic.

And here’s why.

human nature. We are all emotional beings – which is why we all crave for that bit of excitement. edge of the seat stuff which is far  more interesting than predictability.  

Just like me you wouldn’t want to be just watching another boring game.
So when it comes to Marketing do you use that element of surprise enough?

If not here’s a little FREE headline tip.
Unless you use as much Emotion or W.I.F.M (What’s in it for me) as you can

You will lose your prospect forever..


Truth be told… remember to attach this to your memory bank before you write your next sales message. 


Direct Response Copywriter

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