Chasing Pleasure

For most, pleasure is something that’s constantly sought, this is a direct link to what keeps the mind in a state of agitation. When one can just be with things as they are, pleasure is no longer needed for the mind to be at peace.

We live in a pleasure seeking society, when it’s cold we want the pleasure of warmth and when it’s hot outside, being cool is the pleasure sought. Chasing after this pleasure is how many people spend their entire lives and if it’s not learned to just be ok with things as they are and not constantly have to alter the way that you feel, there will be very little peace in your life. We life mostly in a place where we’re afraid of the feeling of discomfort because it means looking at ourselves. Although our true essence is the love of all creation, this isn’t seen because the Conditioned Mind doesn’t allow it to be so.

Once a practice is developed that allows some discipline to at least slow the mind down, it can be seen how chasing after pleasure occupies most of our waking hours; we’re in a constant agitated state trying to have things the way we think they need to be in order to experience the pleasure of being at peace. The problem with this is nothing stays the same so we have to constantly make adjustments to experience this peace. It’s truly exhausting to live in this way, but it’s the way many of us spend most of our time. It doesn’t have to be this way, but the only way it won’t be is if one can be with what occurs and not want it any different than what it is. This doesn’t mean one can’t have pleasure, just understand pleasure isn’t what allows you to be at peace, only accepting things as they are will allow peace and that’s only because one sees the pleasure in that.

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