Biteable - the World's Simplest Video Maker

By Brian Grimmer

Ijust can't knock free. Even in the world of graphic design, free combined with simple and straightforward makes for a hands down winner. The draw of video editing software made simple is that it only takes a few minutes to throw together a quick customized video for a potential customer.

As an example, I made a short video to promote my freelance efforts (we all gotta eat), It was actually fun making the little presentation video. Selecting from the many options, I was able to put together the test example in about 15 minutes. While limited in application for the free version (a shareable link to a You-Tube-like video being provided instead of an actual or editable video file), the paid service provides many more options for the user and removes the watermark.

The true power of Biteable is in it simplicity. What Biteable can produce can be a useful tool for almost any office scenario where a quick self-labeled light-weight video would be useful. At $99/year, the cloud-based video service is very attractive for many situations where the heavyweight desktop apps are just too much of an investment as well as just too complicated for the typical daily needs.


About Brian Grimmer
Mr. Grimmer is a thirty-year veteran of the Graphic Design industry and the proprietor of Grafx.One, a Seattle-based graphic design and web development studio. This article was originally published in Social Justice, Stats 'n' Grafx.

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