A Worldly Perception

The more one’s thinking is in line with the world, the more suffering there will be. This is because the world only allows a surface perception, but beneath the surface perception is what’s truly going on.

Our made up perceptions when not seen in the awareness of mindfulness, solidify the delusions they arise from. This delusion is formed from the surface level of our perceptions which form the concepts that we live by which makes what is originally seen misunderstood as the deeper reality of what’s actually happening is missed. We get locked into the perceptions that form our concepts of what going on, this is also why there’s so much division amongst our species and why very few see the truth of existence. Mostly everyone has a different perception of the same thing so how can there not be division and strife amongst us? The greater good is very seldom considered, what’s mostly considered is the surface perception of the world and unfortunately it’s core is usually from the base of “I”.

It doesn’t have to be this way, but one will have to drop their perceptions to see beneath the surface. The world has perceptions on the material realm, it doesn’t really address the spiritual. Our internal longing though is spiritual and although at first many pursue the quest of material gains, at some point it’s discovered the material gains don’t produce lasting fulfillment. This is when at least the initial shift happens to make one look elsewhere for fulfillment, but unfortunately with the world’s perception in control, the material realm remains in place. It isn’t until one starts to look within that there’s the chance for real change, but this looking within can’t be superficial or true change won’t occur. What will need to change is the perception that what is seen on the surface of life is not what’s going on and then and only then will there be the chance of truly seeing what life has to offer.

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