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A Worker

              A Worker

     Have you ever questioned yourself, ever , that are you a worker, or not?
   Well after close observation and deep scrutiny, I feel that every person is a worker at different levels.
   When you are born. you are a child and as you grow up and you turn three or four, that is the time when your journey as a worker starts. You work as a kid to study hard and learn to study to the best of your capabilities, You work as a student and aspire to become a successful man, later on in your Life.
   In the same way every person, whether he is a man or a woman, young and old are working and working tirelessly.
    I sometimes see young nubile girls, standing in scorching heat under the sun, on a hot summer afternoon, on the pedestal, in front of a plush restaurant and I wonder that, " What is she doing there?Suddenly realisation dawns upon me and I am filled with remorse, that, "Oh my God, she is also a worker, a worker, who is providing potential customers to the restaurant,in relation to hotel, in front of which she is standing!Little does anyone know, that has she even eaten well, that morning and has she even tasted some food of that restaurant, about which she is advertising!
   That is the intensity, the zeal and tireless work which any worker does. When I see a labourer, working day in and day out, sweating it out , the whole day, for " one square meal", then I feel, how does he  get all the energy to do all the tremendous amount of hard work and what is driving force ?
   This has put me in a dilemma for a long long time and when I go deep into the reason behind his very trying hard work, then I see him rushing home with a few notes clutched in his hand , to his family and " barking out to his wife", and saying , " come on , go get some groceries and cook some dinner for yourself and the kids.
   That is the source, the driving force for any worker, the desire to succeed and achieve and get something out of it. 
   If you take a birds eye view of the general scenario in the larger sense, then you will realise that this desire to work and achieve ones dreams is prevalent in the entire society. A wise person is one who understands his dreams and is realistic about them and does not work in a way that obstruct his mental peace.
  Most of you might be able to identify, with what I am trying to say,so be sane ,be rational and work according to your individual capacity and don't overdo things, as believe me , it is not worth it.

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