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Brief Addendum to My Autobiography

In looking back on the last few years of my life, I realized that God had blessed me beyond what I could have imagined. My youthful dreams have all come true. I became a teacher, a principal, I earned my Master’s Degree, I now work with at-risk youth as a counselor, and amazingly, I wrote a book! I am humbled by the path He now has me traveling. My journey toward perfection has taken a few unexpected turns! In writing my book, God has revealed Himself to me in a way I never would have fathomed. My relationship with Him has deepened. Not only that, but now He has me writing a monthly newsletter to “defend the faith” and a blog! I am not sure what He has planned for me next, but I trust it will be amazing!

If you would like to visit my blog, go to: https://plus.google.com/116159014424445968003

Or visit my website at:  http://www.helenkamenos.com/

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