What's Your Story

To not create stories one has to not mind what happens. When one wants things to be different, your power is transferred to whatever it is that’s wanted different and hence a story is created.

If you don’t see the story that you live your life by, you become it and it takes you on the ride of whatever the story is. There’s the story of not feeling well, or of something that happened in the past. There’s the story of your favorite team playing or work. How about the family story, or the story of just wanting things different. The stories shape your life because of attachment, not because of what happens. These attached stories are where emotions arise from, they’re where fear, discontent, and anger form and gain their power. This is what attachment does, it takes the power away from you and hands it over to the attachment. Without attachment you have the power of how what happens in your life affects you, not so when there’s attachment. You cannot relinquish control without attaching a story to what happens.

This is how it works, throughout the day if there’s not some sort of technique in place to remain present, the story begins and your power gets transferred to attachment. It doesn’t matter what the story is, that you have transferred your power to an outside source is what matters. It’s outside because now objects, people, and circumstances control you and here’s the kicker, you alone have done this. So how do you not do this? The first thing is to understand what’s written here so you see what you’re doing. As summer approaches think of this, you may not be able to get rid of all the dandelions on your lawn, but if you learn to not mind them, they won’t be a problem. Basically what has to be done in order not to create stories is, not mind what happens. If you want things to be different, your power will be transferred to whatever it is that’s wanted different. So watch your stories, don’t mind what happens and even though you may have a lawn full of dandelions, it won’t matter to you all that much.

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