The Beauty of Spring Flowers in Italy

I had to light a log fire today so it was hard to think too much about spring flowers. For early May in Italy it is fairly unusual to need a fire; but we had torrential rain and the temperature really dropped. My animals were hugging the pet beds by the fire and I took that as a hint.

Spring Flowers in Italy

Spring Flowers
Beautiful Iris
Spring Flowers
Almond Blossom Time
Wild Spring Flowers

Having had beautiful early violets covering the ground beneath our olive groves and the beautiful spot colours of periwinkles under the trees, the land is now covered in wild flowers. Daisies, dandelions and poppies abound. The last of the blossom has finished.

Everywhere we turn at this time of year we are surrounded by beautiful flowers. At the moment my garden is a mass of blue iris as shown in my image 'Beautiful Iris'. These are iris that I was originally given as a gift that I have lifted and propagated. They now grow as wild flowers along the edge of my woodland and under the trees. They love growing in the shallow mountain soil. What a joy they are to see each day. You can read more about my iris in my art blog.

Cultivated Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers
Early Flower Display
Now it is the turn of the cultivated flowers to play their part.

Whilst the acacia trees are humming with the sound of insects and bees after the nectar from their beautiful white racemes of flowers other flowers, newly planted flowers are becoming established. Like this beautiful 'Early Flower Display'.

What a wonderful time of year for spring flowers. Our thoughts now have to turn to the summer heat and the flowers that will survive it. I will be buying my red geraniums very soon!

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