Perfect Humility

I believe that most of us do not stop and ponder Christ’s humility. If we try to comprehend this profound act of God becoming man, just so He could pay the price for our sins with His own blood, we would be in awe! We would have reason to fall down and worship Him. We would be able to comprehend the depths of His love for us. What human mind could imagine a story like this? It is unbelievable. Ancient stories told of warriors seeking glory, men and women seeking love, and gods manipulating human lives for their own pleasure. Other mythological stories were told to explain occurrences in nature, such as the rising and setting of the sun or the cause of thunder and lightning. A story was never told like this one, until Christ came into our reality. It is the realization that God came to sacrifice Himself for me, that deepened my own personal relationship with Christ. Each time I think about it, my love for Him is strengthened.

As you read the excerpt below, remember that God is omniscient, all-knowing. He knew the outcome of His decision from the beginning of time. This was the plan before God even began creating the universe. Furthermore, He could have changed His mind at any point, and called upon all His power to stop His crucifixion, but He did not. This excerpt from A Journey Toward Perfection describes the magnitude of the gift we received from God:

"Contemplate this: Christ, our all-powerful, incorruptible and Holy God who created us, willingly left His place of glory, His throne, where He was worshipped by all the angels, and He chose to become an ordinary human like us, one of His creatures. This is humility in perfection. Our God chose to become an ordinary man. As a matter of fact, our God did not only come to live among us, He came to serve us. He knowingly chose to take on corruptible flesh which can die, and astoundingly, He chose to allow Himself to be despised, rejected, persecuted, beaten, disgraced, and crucified with criminals. And why did Christ our God, choose to allow Himself to suffer these indignities? Because He loves us that much!"

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