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My Fundraiser for the Orphanage

I am a web designer. I gave free computer training for children in an orphanage in India. The children are very poor and abandoned. Togethe...

In this time of banditry and mistrust, we are called to the creation of a new language and a new mathematics, to live out the wonder of plural identities and lifelong learning.  The great economist John Kenneth Galbraith said education is the "great transformer."
"Free" is a new business model, said the editor of Wired magazine.  On www.openculture.com, we are given 1150 free movies, 750 free e-Books and 450 free audio books.  On my website www.freembtranslations.net, there are over 800 translated articles on the economic crisis and liberation.  Enjoy the feast!  How can you be "hard-nosed" with 1150 free movies?
In 1993 Westminster Press published my translation of Dorothee Soelle's "On Earth as in Heaven."  In 2016 Smashwords published my 159-page e-Book "Alternative Economics: Reversing Stagnation."  Austrian, Swiss, Polish and German critical economists could help us find a future-friendly economics. Michael Schwendinger explains that reduced working hours can be a socio-economic investment bringing more time sovereignty and long-term health.  The appendix "Myths of the Economy" discusses 29 state myths, labor myths, business myths and social myths.  This e-Book can be yours for only $3.99 with the coupon code PU68W until June 4.  Celebrate your independence!

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