In this time of banditry and mistrust, we are called to the creation of a new language and a new mathematics, to live out the wonder of plural identities and lifelong learning.  The great economist John Kenneth Galbraith said education is the "great transformer."
"Free" is a new business model, said the editor of Wired magazine.  On, we are given 1150 free movies, 750 free e-Books and 450 free audio books.  On my website, there are over 800 translated articles on the economic crisis and liberation.  Enjoy the feast!  How can you be "hard-nosed" with 1150 free movies?
In 1993 Westminster Press published my translation of Dorothee Soelle's "On Earth as in Heaven."  In 2016 Smashwords published my 159-page e-Book "Alternative Economics: Reversing Stagnation."  Austrian, Swiss, Polish and German critical economists could help us find a future-friendly economics. Michael Schwendinger explains that reduced working hours can be a socio-economic investment bringing more time sovereignty and long-term health.  The appendix "Myths of the Economy" discusses 29 state myths, labor myths, business myths and social myths.  This e-Book can be yours for only $3.99 with the coupon code PU68W until June 4.  Celebrate your independence!

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