Free Will to Love

A person can only do what the conditioning in place dictates them to do and although it’s looked at as having free will, without investigating if what you are doing is coming from love, there’s nothing free about it.

Acting unloving affects no one more than the one acting in an unloving manner. On the surface some are severely affected by unloving actions, but the long lasting affect of an unloving action goes deeply into the soul of the one committing it. The lack of this love is prevalent all around, at the water cooler at work, in the news, on the road, at home and it all has more to do with someone not getting their way through their conditioning in place and thus acting accordingly. This is what’s thought to be free will, but there’s nothing free about it because this behavior keeps one in bondage. To awaken is to go in the direction of love, when this is done one is truly exerting their free will. This doesn’t mean you will be perfect and love all the time, but it will be the direction you will want to go in all the time.

Nothing else can truly be called free will because there’s never a choice until there is. What I mean by this is for forty nine years I was in bondage to a self serving will and there was absolutely nothing free associated with it. I was told to jump and I did the only thing I could do and that was to jump. For me I stopped drinking alcohol at the age of twenty eight and thought this was a choice, but the only thing that happened was the self serving will was substituted for something different. Bondage is bondage regardless of what has a hold of you. It wasn’t until there was awareness of this that the self serving will slowing began its transformation to go in the direction of love and thus free will. You cannot be self serving and be free, you can tell yourself you have free will, but the only way one’s will will truly be free is if it comes from a place of love.

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