Beauty in Mahogany-brown skin

I recently release my first book called "Beauty in Mahogany" that deals with the brown skin complexity in our society. The goal of the books is to equip young girls with  positive affirmations so they can love the skin they are in. Mahogany's goal is to also teach them how to love others skin tones as well. There have been many debates regarding the issues surrounding brown skin. Over the years, society has divided the different colors of brown by ranking lighter over darker. The other side is some lighter completion girls feel they are treated unfairly as well based on their light skin. The message I want to be make clear is that we are all beautiful. The entire purpose of our brown skin is due to the melanin that is there to protect us from the sun.  This brown skin complexity is global issue and impacting several cultures, not just African-American.

If you are interested in purchasing this book, please visit Amazon or copy this link.

What are you thoughts about the differences with brown skin, not matter the culture.

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