The Realm of Spirit

The realm of Spirit is where our true nature manifest. It’s where one connects to all of life and basks in the warmth and sunlight of the Spirit. It is our true home.

Although an awakening is a process of awareness of what blocks the heart from love, the heart will only open and expand each day by the daily mindfulness and sitting practice developed. No longer does the world revolve around my “I” it more so revolves around the “I” of others. Each day is begun with the vision of how I can be a benefit to others and I write and post a daily article to assist in making this a reality. This has been done everyday for roughly the past three years. I bring my awareness into my day to day existence and although some times it’s two steps forward and one step back because the conditioned mind is relentless, the process is a continuation into the expansion of the heart. And with the expansion of the heart comes the expansion of love into my day to day life and the life of others.

This expansion doesn’t take thought, it takes a settled mind. The subtitle of my book “You Are Not Your Thoughts” was chosen for this reason. All created stories are only our attached thoughts, so when I started understanding this “I” was understood and it was the beginning of the end of life as it was once known. This brought me to the realm of the unknown, and this realm is not something that can be manufactured by thought, thought will only block this. This is the realm of Spirit where our true nature manifest, it is where one connects to all of life and basks in the warmth and sunlight of the Spirit. It is our true home, our place of peace that passes all understanding, it is the truth of one’s existence, but it doesn’t need any of what is written here to be because it exist without one single thought.

Seeing From the Heart

When there’s awareness of seeing from the heart instead of the mind and one doesn’t engage in what comes from the mind, it makes for a view of life that is much different than what most people see.

Seeing from the mind is very different than seeing from the heart. The mind has a much different agenda than the heart. Every conflict known to mankind has been because of the mind. Even when Jesus trashed the market place, it was because it was from the mind. And the proof of this was that he didn’t like what was going on. One cannot have conflict from the heart. The heart aches at times and all compassion comes from the heart, but there’s an understanding from the heart that the mind just can’t grasp. Mind seeing is strictly from the way one is conditioned. Heart seeing arises from the space of stillness. I can tell right away when someone comes from their head because there’s attachment with what’s being said. Usually the sentences starts with my, I, me or it will be said, I see what you’re saying, but.

Seeing from the heart doesn’t make me smarter than anyone, all it means is I’ve been granted the ability to see from the heart. It’s difficult to see from the heart because of all the mind based distractions in place. These distractions keeps one entrapped to the reaching of seeing from the mind. Reach, reach, reach, the mind, the mind, the mind, the heart needs so such reaching, it realizes it’s completeness as it is. When one sees from the heart you become more of an observer than a reactor, at least this has been my experience. I have lived a mind based existence for many years, and even today the old conditioning tries to surface, but because of the awareness of understanding the difference, I do not engage in what comes from the mind and this naturally allows seeing from the heart to arise. And when one lives from the heart it makes for a view of life that is much different than what most people see.

Beauty in Mahogany-brown skin

I recently release my first book called "Beauty in Mahogany" that deals with the brown skin complexity in our society. The goal of the books is to equip young girls with  positive affirmations so they can love the skin they are in. Mahogany's goal is to also teach them how to love others skin tones as well. There have been many debates regarding the issues surrounding brown skin. Over the years, society has divided the different colors of brown by ranking lighter over darker. The other side is some lighter completion girls feel they are treated unfairly as well based on their light skin. The message I want to be make clear is that we are all beautiful. The entire purpose of our brown skin is due to the melanin that is there to protect us from the sun.  This brown skin complexity is global issue and impacting several cultures, not just African-American.

If you are interested in purchasing this book, please visit Amazon or copy this link.

What are you thoughts about the differences with brown skin, not matter the culture.

Direction of Peace

It’s very easy to see if the direction of your energy is pointing you to behaviors that are truly beneficial to you and humanity by the amount of peace there is in your life.

Certain energy produces more beneficial results than others. This doesn’t mean everything goes your way or life is the way you think it should be, it’s more so just to see if you can remain in your place of peace regardless of what happens. My life is far from being without its trials or exactly the way I think it should be, but I’ve reached a point where I can remain at peace for the most part, regardless of what happens. I may get thrown off by some things for a bit, but there’s an understanding and foundation of where I need to be if there’s to be peace in my life. People can be very trying, circumstances are constantly arising and changing, and sometimes unfortunate things just happen for no rhyme of reason, the main thing is to learn from them and although they may not be handled in a way that’s most beneficial at that time, if you learn something from it, next time they may be.

Life isn’t about doing it perfectly, to me it is about learning from what is done and changing the direction of energy so the same behavior isn’t repeated over and over. When life isn’t the way you want it, learn to move on. Trying to change things to your liking is a waste of energy and this is so even if it is to your liking. It’s always about being at peace regardless of what’s going on so if you’re only at peace when things are the way that you want them, to say the least there will be many conflicts and difficulties in your life. Look deeply into this, not to get down on yourself for the so called unwanted behavior, but to see how it’s this unwanted behavior that takes you from your place of peace.

Dark Experiments by Lana Campbell 360p 1

A Journey Toward Perfection

A Journey Toward Perfection: 
Deny Yourself, Take Up Your Cross, and Follow Me
Christ invited us to deny ourselves, take up our crosses and follow Him. He encouraged us to take A Journey Toward Perfection, toward a loving God who extends His open arms to us even as Christ’s arms were extended on the cross. Christ came to repair the brokenness of our relationship with God. He became the sacrifice required for our forgiveness. This was a pure act of divine love. Yet, God’s love for us extends beyond His one act of sacrifice on the cross. To fully comprehend God’s love for us, it is necessary for us to understand Jesus, God’s beloved son, who left His throne of glory to live among us, to become vulnerable like us and to be crucified for us. To fathom God’s love for us, it is essential for us to experience Christ’s journey through life, what He endured, what He suffered. To truly grasp His love for us, we must understand the essence of Christ’s nature.
A Journey Toward Perfection will guide you into a deeper understanding of Christ and the love of God through the Beatitudes of Matthew 5. You will learn how profound His love for you truly is. God will become real for you. You will learn how to cultivate an intimate relationship with God, how to communicate with Him in a two-way dialogue, not only speaking to God, but also being attuned to His voice. Christ commanded us to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves. The in-depth study of the Beatitudes in A Journey Toward Perfection teaches you how. Jesus called the lost, the oppressed and the broken-hearted. He called the sick, the forgotten and the sinners. Christ called you to enter into His love. He gave us a road map to follow through the Beatitudes. By following this path toward Christ, God is revealed to us in an unprecedented way and becomes a beacon in our lives.  
Two thousand years ago, a fire humbly and meekly exploded into our reality, which changed the world. That fire was Christ. Take the Journey Toward Perfection and be transformed. By knowing the love of God, you will undergo a metamorphosis. You will become the butterfly that God always meant for you to be.

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Dark Experiments by Lana Campbell 360p 1

The Flame of "I"

One’s selfish flame of desire can become a destructive inferno if it’s not known what causes it to ignite. This is the fuel of “I” and it will have to be removed to prevent the selfish flame from igniting.

It can be said that “the world is in flames” and all one needs to do is look around to see how true this is. The cause of why there’s a flame needs to be examined if one isn’t to succumb to their selfish desires, but it’s not the world that needs to be examined, it’s what’s behind one’s own driving energy that needs to be examined. If one’s energy is focused on the flame of greed, hate, self satisfaction, envy, lust, and so on, the energy of a restless mind will be in place and this is what causes a selfish flame. Some flames are raging and some are barely lit, having awareness the flame is there is the key in not only extinguishing it, but removing the conditions that allows the flame to ignite in the first place.

This flame is mostly because of the restless mind (selfish desires) and since this is the fuel of “I” there’s nothing in place to prevent the flame from igniting. Any flame needs certain conditions to ignite and it’s the same way with a mind that’s restless. If these certain conditions aren’t met, the flame can’t ignite. A flame needs fuel (energy) so it’s important to be aware of when the flame ignites to see if it’s going to be given more fuel to grow, or if one has the necessary awareness to remove the conditions that ignite it. You can just extinguish it, but this may not prevent it from reigniting. It’s only when the fuel of “I” (selfish desires) are removed that it will be impossible for one’s flame to ignite.

Femine Beauty

Feminine Beauty 
There are infinite examples of awe inspiring things on this planet, but I find flowers to be the non negatable  proof of a Higher Source of Creation. The endless variation of shape, color and structure, and the intricacies of detail and design stir wonder about the imagination that conceived of such an array of uniquely appointed beauty. Each generic green bud of a rose conceals all evidence of the nature of what is about to emerge from inside with no hint to the offering of color, fragrance, or display of visual splendor this flower will bring.
We as females are the same. Girls are traditionally more tightly guarded, restrained from full expression, and therefore very unaware of the power we actually hold within us. The blossoming of the female into womanhood, emerging from the protection of her youth,  discovers the freedom to present and explore the full expansion of her gifts. But it is only when she awakens to her truth, and accepts her own unique beauty and abilities beyond comparison to others that she can tap into the unlimited potential of self confidence.
Women are often described by the characteristics of flowers, delicate as an orchid, skin as soft as rose petals, even our reproductive parts are referred to as “our flower” and we can thank Georgia O’Keefe for illustrating why that comparison might be made! How could we ever be in doubt of our own individual radiance when it is unfathomable to deny any flower its vibrant impact on a landscape?

“The Awakening”
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Conditioned Labeling Process

Seeing what’s truly going on in your life will take an open mind so a past label isn’t instantly applied when something arises. No label is needed for life to be, matter of fact labels restrict life.

If there’s a label instantly applied when something arises in life, it comes from some past conditioning that has a lock on it, just waiting for the opportunity to apply the label. This goes for just about anything that a person is attracted to. Whether it’s something you read, another person, food, music, or whatever, the conditioned label is already there just waiting to be applied. It’s not easy to see this, actually there are very few people that will ever see this and hence it’s why there’s so much conflict in the world. No label is needed for life to be, matter of fact labels are life’s restriction.

Early on when I began using social media to post my articles, I would engage in discussions with people who didn’t agree with what I wrote. It would usually turn into a social media argument with me defending my writings, this was due to the label being applied by all engaged in the discussion. I’ve since learned to not apply a label when someone disagrees with what I write. A very important question I use to defuse my conditioning is, How important is it? This doesn’t usually sit well with the other person’s conditioned labeling process, and since I now know I can’t change how another person sees things, I find coming from a place where no label is applied is so much more conducive for me to remain in a place of peace. After all peace is all I ever wanted in my life, but because of applying a label to everything that arose, peace always eluded me. And just because I’m not agreed with, it doesn’t mean I have to apply a label to appease someone else’s conditioned labeling process. No label, know peace.

Attached Conditioning

Whatever you attach to becomes your bondage. If you don’t stop attaching and create some space to make room in your heart for stillness, you and the world will suffer, but you will suffer the most.

The choice to attach is unconsciously the choice to suffer and because one is unconscious there really isn’t a choice. This is because of the way one’s Conditioned Mind is in control so one’s suffering is inevitable because of the conditioned attachments that are in place. If this is to change you will have to make room in your heart so the attachments are replaced by stillness. There’s no way around this, attach to whatever the conditioning in place selects to use, just understand when that attachment is no more, something else will replace it. Today it’s our president, tomorrow it’s a co worker, or maybe the traffic, and the next day it’s something else, this goes on and on, ad infinitum. This will never change until there is space created in the heart that makes room for stillness and if you attach to one individual and bemoan them, then you don’t truly have the space for a still heart. This is strong language, but true.

One can only be still without the conditioning running the show. This is a truth the Conditioned Mind doesn’t allow to be seen. I can say I have stillness in my heart, but unless there is compassion for all beings this will not be true. I understand this and my responsibility is to not be a part of the attached conditioning. To attach is to suffer regardless of who or what one attaches to because it becomes your bondage and until this is understood you become the very thing that you attach to. This is just a part of the law of energy, you cannot be separate from the energy that is within you. Think about it, how can you? Please look within yourself and stop attaching. Make room in your heart for stillness because if you don’t, you and the world will suffer, but you will suffer the most.

The Ascension of Christ - Is It True?

            Today is the day we celebrate the ascension of Christ. Christians believe that Christ rose from the dead.  The Bible records He was seen by many witnesses, among them the twelve Apostles; Christ’s mother, Mary; Mary Magdalene; Paul and over 500 other witnesses.  He remained on earth for 40 days, teaching his Apostles and visiting with his closest followers. It was reported that they sat and ate with Him and talked with Him. Thomas declared that he would not believe unless he placed his hands in Christ’s wounds, and so he did. All of these witnesses claim that they saw Christ bodily, not as a spirit, after he was crucified. Can we believe these accounts? Each person has to decide for himself, but many of these followers, including eleven of the Apostles and Paul were executed for their assertions. They died claiming that they saw the risen Christ. Would anyone willing die for a belief that they knew to be a lie? This was one reason why Christianity spread so quickly throughout the known world. People believed them.
Forty days after Christ rose from the dead, He gathered His Apostles and said, “And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” After saying this, he was taken up into a cloud while they were watching, and they could no longer see him” (Acts 1:8-9). This event is known as the Ascension, when Christ was visibly taken into heaven. Hard to believe, isn’t it? That is why Christianity is so unique. This is not a religion of philosophies. It requires one to believe in the unbelievable! It is either genuine truth or it is a lie. If you knew someone who was willing to die for their conviction, for an event which they claimed to have witnessed, would you believe? If you consider that it may be true, then you must also consider Christ’s claim to be God. Only God could be responsible for such an implausible miracle. What other explanation is there for what they saw? Do you believe that they were telling the truth?

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