Your Penicillin is False!!!

The world of interventional medicine underwent a quantum jump and a revolution with the invention of the antibiotic, Penicillin. Many hitherto dreaded, incurable and mortal diseases like tuberculosis, leprosy etc were now suddenly no longer the dire malevolent demons that they used to be. The advent of antibiotics has greatly improved the lot of the entire humanity and the days of entire communities getting wiped off by bacterial diseases like TB, Anthrax, etc was now a thing of the past. The life expectancy improved, and humanity as a collective got more emboldened and more fearless with their morale and heads higher than ever before, as they now knew that bacterial diseases could not claim their precious lives with the impudence and ease, as in the past. Their sense of dignity got enhanced and also the feelings of infallibility and immortality that are essential for life force to pervade, also gained very handsomely. 
Similarly, the agricultural revolution made the dread of death by starvation a thing of the remote past, at least, in most countries of the world. Death by starvation has been overruled and eradicated, and this too contributed handsomely to our collective sense of invincibility, indestructibility, and of course, security, happiness, and contentment. 
But all this is not the point that I am trying to make here. Just like medicine and food sustains and cures the body, spirituality or religion sustains and cures our spirit or our soul, from all the illnesses and diseases that surround it, like the scourges of greed, jealousy, avarice, intemperance, and so many other predilections. The whole purpose of religion and spiritual thought is to sustain and nourish our soul like food while saving it from the diseases of sins, incontinences, fear, anxiety etc, where it acts as an antibiotic. 
Now we come to the crux, the main theme, the essence and the nucleus of our discussion. Suppose me and you both bought penicillin tablets to cure ourselves of some dreadful disease, from two different chemists. Both of us are in grievous pain and want salvation from the malicious disease that is eating away into our very life forces. We happen to meet in the park and then get into a cantankerous argument about whose chemist, and therefore whose penicillin is true and whose penicillin is false. According to me, my chemist is true and yours is false. And you feel, quite on the contrary, that your chemist is the true chemist and that mine is an imposter. We stand there in the cold damp evening and finally we end up in blows, in spite of our depleted and frail constitutions. Although we are both short of breath, and also highly emaciated, we fight it out then and there until the cold weather and our weakened bodies finally conk us out. The two respective chemists meanwhile think that we are now both on the road to recovery, whereas, actually we are both on the brink of death, thanks to our recalcitrant and adamant disagreement on which chemist is true and which one is the imposter. 
Meanwhile, a couple of our friends, who were also similarly afflicted, have also gone to the two different chemists and bought their stocks of penicillin. They also meet each other in the same park, have no misgivings or doubts regarding which chemist is true and which chemist is false, go to their respective homes, start the antibiotic course, and are soon on their way to a speedy recovery. 
This, in a nutshell, is my problem with organized religion i.e. 'My God is true, Yours is a false God". What is all this imbecile, cretinous rubbish about 'Your God' and 'My God'? Who are you to divide and dissect the supreme truth of the universe? Who gave you the right to classify and vilify something that is beyond the capabilities of your thought, intellect, knowledge, subconscious, id, vision and also the collective intelligence of humanity as a whole? You are trying to judge an entity that is beyond your comprehension, let alone your judgment! 
 Religion is like the chemist, and God is the penicillin and also the food for our souls. We could have had a similar argument on food too i.e. your rice, wheat, pulses etc are false and mine are true. This is all meaningless rubbish, the way that these chaplains, priests, mullahs, rabbis and all try to prove and convince everybody that 'my god is true and all other gods are false'. Things are so bad that I am constrained to say that these rabble-rousers of mullahs, priests, clergy, rabbi, all put together have not understood the true nature of God. In fact, according to me, all of these 'Holinesses' who seek to divide God are not even remotely close to the true nature of the divine. It is beyond them and their closeted and narrow visioned 'books'. We, the humankind, have already divided all that we could do like the land, oceans etc. We must not even think about dividing that what is indivisible,  omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. Trying to carve up the divine will be similar to trying to carve up the sky. The divisions shall only exist in your imaginations. The vast, chaste, pristine, and immeasurable sky will continue to remain as one.  It will continue to belong to everyone while not belonging to anyone. In fact, nobody in this vast universe holds the copyrights to the divine, and nobody in this whole universe ever may!
And it may mighty well be so. God should not be comprehended fully by us humans, and our very infinitesimally limited intellect. He is more mystic than the mysterious and his ways are more inexplicable and baffling than amazement. But for one thing, he is a singular entity and he cannot be divided among people the way we divide the land, the waters, the oceans etc among different countries and tribes. The true nature of God is more like that of the air above us or like the sunshine, which mankind has failed to divide and apportion, so far. If man could achieve this feat. he would have also found ways of classifying true air, true sunshine etc and also the false ones. Many more wars would have broken out over these highly divisive and contentious questions about whose air is true and whose is false. 
And there is this one more small thing before I sign off. You can neither annoy God, affront God, nor also please God. These emotions of pleasure, anger, hatred, love, affection, jealousy etc are all human emotions. It is your fallacy if you think that God is a humanoid like you with two legs and two arms. You are either confused or just plain delusional. God is above all these human emotions like love, hatred etc, and he neither loves you,  and nor does he hate you. He is neither cross at you and nor is he pleased with you. He is much above and beyond all these human emotions and all that our small and limited human intellect can possibly think of or imagine. 
Cheers friends!!!   
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  1. Religion and Spirituality are tw different things which people often gets confused..As the author rightly points out God is above human emotions and beyond human comprehension..

  2. The author has put his finger right on the root cause of strife and violence in our world. In our present situation, most of the violence is of the religious type. People must stop appropriating something as profound as the divine. I fully agree with the author's viewpoint.

  3. We are the world, and we are the children. We are the ones to make it a better place. ....From We Are The World by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie