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Responsive Website Development and Design

Your website is the first impression of your business. A user-friendly, easy to navigate and search engine optimized website is the best wa...

How to break bad Website habits

Everyday I visit scores of websites.

Why do I do this? Just like a Scientist I like to dissect and analyse all the average content from all the good stuff out there.

In a way if defeats the purpose of having a website if your content doesn't capture your prospect right away.

So you're probably asking me right now, Carlo "how do I get better at writing web copy"?. Good question.

For starters it's better to avoid cliches ,drivel , and Sales hype at all costs.

Most of the time when I'm writing Web Copy I follow these Copywriting techniques below.

Enjoy this list ...

1) Short paragraphs – four sentences max; short sentences – twelve on average

2) Avoiding the passive tense-  The homeowners renovated the house to help it sell. (active) The house was renovated by the homeowners to help it sell. (passive) leave out unnecessary words; Market-leading – Which market are you leading? And do your customers care?

3) Avoiding jargon and gobbledygook; "At the end of the day can be replaced with ultimately, essentially, or just omit

4) Avoiding needless repetition; The company’s share price reached a new record high. Delete “new. Avoid using the word I , We, or ours and replace with You, Yours .

5) Use Shortened text.  Instead  of As Soon As Possible.   "One of our team will be in touch with you ASAP"

Some pretty basic stuff.
(Sorry but couldn't help myself  with today's Web lesson).

Please get in contact me if you want a FREE Audit on your site

Best Carlo
Direct Response Copywriter

It's Only a Thought

Unless the mind settles enough to see itself, most of one’s thoughts will be a conditioned lie so you really shouldn’t believe everything you think because a thought is but a thought and it’s not necessarily true.

Nothing is a problem unless it’s made into one. Think of the context of this simple yet profound sentence. Here are some of the ways the mind becomes conditioned and if one gets quiet enough this conditioning can be seen. The car in front of me is going to slow, I have to go food shopping, I’m tired, my allergies are horrible, I’m bored, etc, etc, etc. All of these start out as a single thought, but that isn’t where the problem lies the thought just arises, something triggers the attachment to it and what happens next is where the problem arises from because we believe the thought. We actually think the car in front is going to slow, or going food shopping is something we don’t like. We believe our thoughts to be true and then we attach to them and become controlled by them. If the thought wasn’t labeled to be true, we would be able to see it simply for what it is . We would see what was really going on instead of what our conditioned mind was making up. It would be seen the car in front of us really isn’t going to slow, we are just being controlled by our undisciplined thoughts.

Learn to watch the nonsense that’s believed to be true, but there’s so much of it that it’s hard to grasp. I mentioned one time to a person about the way we poison ourselves with tobacco products and his response was, he enjoyed them. This is insanity to enjoy poisoning yourself, but that’s the lie of a Conditioned Mind. People enjoy all sorts of things that are harmful to themselves, this also includes associated behaviors that harm others, and one’s own mind justifies it all. All I am saying is watch the thoughts that you think and learn how so many are based in lies to keep you in captivity to the Conditioned Mind. By no means should you take my word for it, the next time a thought pops into your head, take a moment before you label and act on it, and really take notice if what you are thinking is true or if it’s just a lie of your Conditioned Mind.

Life-A Reflection of the Sea( an introspection)

Life- A Reflection of the Sea

Life passes you without you realising, that, "oh", this has also passed!

It's like the absolute calm after a storm.Your life is like the sea, which keeps its stability, no matter what happens on the surface.

It looks calm, but,if you take a dip inside and enter the realms and wade through the depths of the sea, then you will realize that there is so much of action in the fish kingdom! Hither and tither the fishes keep swimming, to look for food and saving themselves from becoming a prey!

In the same way life has a lot going on in the inner conscience and most of the people, don't realize that they have to get a hold of their lives and not get affected by the turmoils they face outside and as a result disturbing the inner balance.

Life goes on, whether you have the worst kind of problems, as,time heals everything and hope and ultimate faith in God, carries you through every thick and thin!

Those who have acquired this inner peace and stay unaffected by the outside turmoil,are mostly successful not only in their careers but ,also live a good life as content human beings.

Inner peace is that realm of any persons conscience, which is stable and stays like that forever.Like if you are on the seaside, you are at peace, hardly knowing what is going on in the depths of the sea!

In the same way every person should strive to be at peace, perpetually, as it is the key to success, not only for your own self, but,beneficial immensely,for those with whom they are related to.

Life goes on and so do the turmoils which vanquish you, move on! A wise person accepts this reality of the volatile nature of life and stays unaffected by the outside happenings around him.

Life is like the calm and blue sea, with storms coming and going, yet life goes on! So try to learn lessons from the mighty sea and stay " Calm!", in the face the worst life scenarios. Believe me , any restlessness or distrust on God, will not lead you anywhere. Just think to yourself and say, " God this will also pass , I know it, as these are the ways of Life!"

Today Self~Empower Self-Communicate – 08/20/17~

Today’s self-empowering communication to positively affect yourself:
“I am accountable to myself to improve my moments as I desire them to be! I am pleasuring my thoughts with awesome ideas to positively affect my circumstances for better! I am enticing my thoughts with ideal solutions to improve my situations…”
to continue a greater life!
Great day to you, as a great day continues~
Edward F. T. Charfauros
Life Guide and Author

The Learning Curve of Compassion

There’s a learning curve in life that allows one to let things go so compassion can arise. It matters little what our intentions are if what comes out of our mouth or if our actions aren’t from compassion.

This learning curve of life isn’t something to be held onto for strict adherence, it’s more so used to stay opened to the ever expanding view of compassion and not get caught up in self serving actions. Compassion and tolerance especially have to be at the forefront when others are involved. It’s not always easy to understand where others are coming from so it’s better not to judge and try to deal with each situation from a place of neutrality. This is much easier said than done, but by practicing quietness it gets easier to decipher what the most beneficial course of action is for all involved. We shouldn’t be to hard on ourselves especially because the Conditioned Mind process of awakening is slow and it has to be accepted as it is if one is to be at peace. On the other hand our conditioning is not to be ignored because we won’t learn from it and the same reactions will be repeated over and over again.

Although our journey may seem mundane at times, it’s only a self serving mind that makes it appear this way; life can never truly be mundane. Every moment of everyday is new unto itself, and when it’s lived in the present, it’ll be realized what a gift life truly is. It’ll be understood that what our learning curve affords us is not the mundane life of living in the past or future, but the ability to live in the present more and more and respond to life from a place of compassion instead of reacting from a self serving mind. The more this is done, the less mundane life will be and the more compassion one will have for themselves and hence for all beings.

The Surprising cure to Business failure!

Have you been there? I’m sure we all have.

The all too familiar light bulb moment pops up in our mind from nowhere.
You want to start a business.

And with unbridled enthusiasm you want to share your talents and skills to the world. Suddenly boom! Crash! Something happens.

And you start getting that queasy feeling inside the walls of your stomach.
Could it be from last night’s re-heated dinner? Somehow I don't think so. So instead of getting closer to your dreams you start seeing nightmares in the form of not one , but two or three unforeseen obstacles.

Meaning you struggle to get things happening. And you lose your energy, your passion, and your desire to succeed. Suddenly you hit a road bump, and grind to a halt.

It’s almost feels like it’s Game! Set and match!

Worse still those little voices inside your head keep whispering “it’s now time to give up”. You know what if you love what you do there’s always going to be days when you want to throw in the towel.

Trick is not to listen those little inner voices because your next success could be just around the corner.

Truth is ... whilst it’s tempting to throw in the towel , it’s far more satisfying when you push through those walls of resistance and make that breakthrough.

P.S Running a Business is not a bright shiny object pastime

Best Carlo
Direct Response Copywriter 

Responsive Website Development and Design

Your website is the first impression of your business. A user-friendly, easy to navigate and search engine optimized website is the best way to represent your products, services and company values to website visitors. Now a day’s websites are the first way to impress your clients and prospect.

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Self~Empowerment: Today’s Self-Communicate – 08/19/17~

Today’s self-empowering communication to positively affect yourself:
"I am encouraging myself to imagine the desirable outcomes I desire to realize in the flesh! I am encouraging myself to happily be, to happily go and to happily do! I am encouraging myself to continue enjoying and playing with the positive possibilities for myself..."
to continue a greater life!
Great day to you, as a great day continues~
Edward F. T. Charfauros
Life Guide and Author

Delusional Regret

The past is real to the extent that it happened, but it’s not real to the extent that it’s held onto. If regretting the past is in control of the present, the only reality is the stagnation of living in the regret of the past.

It’s very important to reflect on the past and learn from it, but if the arising energy is from regret, it will be counterintuitive to your well being. The past is the past and unless it’s allowed to remain there it will constantly be brought into the present along with its regretful energy. Any past action regardless of what it was is over as soon as it happens. If it’s held onto and relived, it transforms the free flowing energy of the present into energy that binds one to a self that doesn’t truly exist, which is also counterintuitive to one’s well being. The past is real to the extent that it happened, but it’s not real to the extent that it’s held onto. I don’t shut the door on the past, I just don’t live there because regrets energy makes the past delusional by taking one from the moment of the present.

There are choices in life only when there are options, but if regretting the past is in control of the present, there is no choice, there is only the stagnation of living in the regret of the past. The past is important to the degree that we use it to learn from, but that’s it, it causes more problems than it’s worth. All judgements come from the past which blocks the free flowing energy of the present moment. You can only do what you’re conditioned to do so there’s no reason to regret anything. Regrets are only in place because one thinks there was a choice, but once there’s awareness there wasn’t, all regrets can be let go of because it is seen you only did what you were conditioned to do and you really didn’t have a choice.

Self~Empowerment: Today’s Self-Communicate – 08/18/17~

Today’s self-empowering communication to positively affect yourself:
"I know all events and situations are leading me to my success, desirable outcomes, and enriching results! I know good and better events and situations occur for me in perfect timing! I continue positively looking forward to good events and situations to occur favorably for my benefit..."
to continue a greater life!
Great day to you, as a great day continues~
Edward F. T. Charfauros
Life Guide and Author

What Modesty Culture Taught Me

I read an article the other day and it got my mind racing. For complete context, I would suggest reading that article first before completing this one.

As a man who continually wrestling with lust and pornography, this article hit me hard. The “virtues” of modesty culture, the lies that the church conditioned me to believe and that I convinced myself to take as truth.

Guarding your heart to prevent relational issues. Dressing a certain way to please the conservative consensus. Shifting most, if not all, of the responsibility of remaining pure to a particular gender (mainly women). It’s no wonder why it feels like crossing a minefield blindfolded just to initiate a conversation with the opposite sex.

Don’t be a stumbling block

The idea of a stumbling block refers to situations or habits that causes a believer to back track into sin. Or it can be interpreted as a person that is distracting you from Christ. I look at the following verses as affirming both interpretations:
Romans 14:13,
“Therefore let us not pass judgment on one another any longer, but rather decide never to put a stumbling block or hindrance in the way of a brother.”
1 Corinthians 8:9,
“But take care that this right of yours does not somehow become a stumbling block to the weak.”
If I am being a stumbling block, I humbly ask how I cannot be one. After all, as a brother in Christ, my main goal is to edify you. But sometimes, my emotions take over all logic. Even ignoring scriptural truth that “the heart is deceitful” (Jeremiah 17:9). So I won’t pretend that I’m exempt from the occasional rebuke. I’m still learning how to separate love and infatuation.

Stay within your group.

I think the church has devalued male-female friendship. It’s an imbalance that I think the church masquerades as a necessity. The status quo that must be obeyed without question. And I think it’s more of a sign of the church’s unwillingness to progress with modern-day relationship dynamics.

Speaking from personal experience, I’ve always been relegated to just being around guys for accountability and purity purposes. And while it took a lot of maturing to accept the spiritual benefits of male friendships, I still felt an emptiness of female friendship.

Paul writes in Ephesians 4:1–7,
“I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called,
with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love,
eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.
There is one body and one Spirit — just as you were called to the one hope that belongs to your call —
one Lord, one faith, one baptism,
one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.
But grace was given to each one of us according to the measure of Christ’s gift.”
As we build these walls, I wonder whether it’s out of holiness or fear of invasion. I look at my female relationships within the church and see the latter. Hurtful, indifferent, or caring out of obligation. No sense of direction or purpose. We’re only friends because we’re both Christians or serve in the same ministry.

Are we friends or work partners?

Outside of the church, I’ve had plenty of female friends. Some of which I called best friends. Although their faith wasn’t evident, these were girls I could confide in and talk to. No need to deal with modesty culture rules or empty phrases that encourage separation. But a direct connection that was imperfect, real, and beautiful.

Of course, there were boundaries that I had to adhere to. Limits to the amount of times we could spend together, the types of conversations to have, and so on. But it didn’t need to be enforced. There was an unspoken mutual understanding that naturally led to a connection. It makes me wonder why I can’t experience this same treatment from the same church I’m called to serve and love.

Fear of man (and woman)

Am I terrified of women?

Yes and no.

Yes, in that first impression is everything. As someone who has trust issues, it’s hard for me to look women in the eyes or even initiate conversation for fear that I may take it too far. Break some sort of unspoken law that may determine the future of our interactions. The paranoia sets in. The fear that maybe she will see through my Christian facade and see a broken man not of worthy of grace and love.

No, in that I can easily detach if you want nothing to do with me. It’s almost a superpower I developed from my tendency to be a loner. I’m now in a season where I’m more content in singleness than I’ve ever been in my adult life. I almost see it as God granting me deliverance from constantly chasing relationship idols. If anything, I’m willing to respect the boundaries and see her as an image-bearer and daughter of God.

Teach a new lesson

I believe that modesty culture has good intentions. And that there should be guidelines on how we view and interact with each other. But these guidelines shouldn’t be laws to a dead religion that only brings death to relationships, connections, and trust.

Rather, I pray that we “aim for restoration, comfort one another, agree with one another” — and more importantly — “live in peace” (2 Corinthians 13:11). Especially with people who aren’t like you. People like me who are estranged and have to watch from the sidelines. People like me who struggle with low self-esteem and have a tough time believing they are not worthy of anything good.

I’m not trying to stage a rebellion or abolish the rules. But rather encourage a rethinking in how the church community functions. Let’s be a light of love for each other and the world. Let’s be willing to tear down these walls and build roads that converge to the narrow path.

Let’s be brothers and sisters united under one Father and his precious Son, our Elder Brother Jesus Christ.

Finding the Lost City

Finding peace is like finding a lost city, there are many maps out there that just don’t lead to what you’re looking for. And if you think the map you’re using is the correct one, why are you still looking for the lost city?

Think of waking up as if you have be given a map to a lost city. Not everyone gets this map and even those who do, not all of them find the lost city. So the question to ask is even though you have the map, are you reading it correctly? I only say you have the map because you’re reading this, but are the directions clear or are you only using the directions that suit you. I’m not saying I have the only map, but I have been shown the way to the lost city. You don’t have to believe me, as a matter of fact I don’t want you to believe me, I want nothing more than for you to investigate and find the map to the lost city on your own, but I will tell you this, unless you are willing to use a proven map that allows the lost city to be found, you will be going in circles for a very long. And you will constantly be looking for another map because if you haven’t found the lost city by now, it’s because you have the wrong map. You may stumble upon the lost city by accident and if you want life to be like a game of chance that’s up to you, I have outlined the route to the lost city, but I cannot make anyone use the map given to me.

Now you can keep using the map that keeps you going in circles or you can keep looking for another map, but all I’m saying is I have been given the map, it’s not my map, I used mine and many others for years to no avail. It wasn’t until I knew I didn’t have the map that I was open enough for the real map and the Universe gave it to me. I’m not arrogant in saying this, I know there was a major shift in my view of life that had nothing to do with me. I share this constantly to possibly show others you too can find the lost city within. I share the map given to me, but I only have it because there was a willingness to receive it. It will take a willingness to forget about your own map and perseverance to keep going when the going gets tough, but the most important thing to realize is this, you may think you have the right map in your possession, but if you do why haven’t you found the lost city?

Self~Empowerment: Today’s Self-Communicate – 08/17/17~

Today’s self-empowering communication to positively affect yourself:


“I am doing what I positively can to affect my life to a better level! I am going places that positively affect my life to a better level! I am being around supportive people and endorsing positive affecting relations to a better level…”

to continue a greater life!

Great day to you, as a great day continues~

Edward F. T. Charfauros
Life Guide and Author

To Live or Not to Live

Now is not a magical place, but because it’s the only place that truly exist, it’s the only place where you can be liberated from your stories (yourself) and truly live your life.

Everyone is on a path to somewhere and where that somewhere ends up is all the same, but the road to our final resting place is much different for all. Shakespeare might have said “to be or not to be, that is the question, but I say “to live or not to live, that is the real question. I know the way someone views life is influenced by many things, but it’s heart breaking at times to see what is so adamantly held onto just because it has been in place for a long time. A story of a path regardless of how beautiful the story is made up to be, is still a story which comes from a thought so it’s not a path to true liberation. It may be better than a previous path you were on, but that doesn’t mean it’s the most beneficial one. In my writings the only thing I point to is the present moment and that’s because it’s the only place that truly exist. There’s no story needed here, it’s existence pure and simple.

If there is another path you are using, you may want to check how much of a story is needed to remain on it, and most importantly you may want to see if you’re using a path that truly liberates you from yourself. We will all end up in the same place at the end of our existence, but our differences will be the road travelled. It can be one where a story is used just like whistling in the dark to keep away the bogeyman, which happens to be you. Or you can truly live your life by living Now, not because Now is a magical place, but because it’s the only place that truly exist and it’s the only place where you can be liberated from stories (yourself) and truly live your life.

Self~Empowerment: Today’s Self-Communicate – 08/16/17~

Today’s self-empowering communication to positively affect yourself:


“I am determined to continue my success on my terms! I am determined happily motivating myself to do all that stirs up my joy! I am determined to excite my thoughts with adventure and fun…”

to continue a greater life!

Great day to you, as a great day continues~

Edward F. T. Charfauros
Life Guide and Author

The Blame Game

When the blame game stops, it has nothing to do with the world or people changing, it’s because the enemy is found and it is you. Once this is seen there’s no more pointing a finger at someone because there’s no one to blame.

It’s very difficult to go beyond your own conditioning when the blame game is played. There’s only one way to break the chains of the Conditioned Mind and that’s by stopping the blame game of pointing your finger at others. No one can make you do or feel like anything, but if you give something or someone that power, they own you. There are no facts to the way that you feel, but if it’s always something or someone else’s fault as to why you think you feel a certain way, you are just giving your Conditioned Mind the energy to manifest blame, which just keeps you entrapped to your own misery. Many injustices are done, but so what, it’s the way many humans are. You can point all the fingers you want, but you just reinforce the conditioned energy by doing so.

There’s also the delusional blame game where you make up stories. This is an extremely heartbreaking place to be because the internal struggle manifest outwardly with almost everyone. There’s very little harmony with others when this blame game is played because there’s very little harmony with yourself. I blamed the world and the people in it for all my troubles and for many years this was reinforced on a daily bases, I had the inability to look at myself. It wasn’t until the blame game stopped that my life changed, not because the world or people changed, but because I had found the enemy and it was me. Once this was seen there was no one to point a finger at so there was no one to blame.

Self~Empowerment: Today’s Self-Communicate – 08/15/17~

Today’s self-empowering communication to positively affect yourself:


“I am looking forward to the awesome opportunities of making a positive difference in my life! I am looking forward to the gracious opportunities of making a positive difference in other lives! I am appreciative of the contributions I provide and receive along my way! I continue making a positive difference…”

to continue a greater life!

Great day to you, as a great day continues~

Edward F. T. Charfauros
Life Guide and Author

On Why I Hate Organized Religion

      I am a god-loving person (As diametrically opposed to god-fearing). And I am certainly not an atheist. But at the same time, I hate religion. I will explain why.
      My first grouse with organised religion is their flawed concept of 'True God' and 'False Gods', whatever all this rubbish means. Many religious people reiterate that their 'God" is the 'True God', and that all other 'Gods' are 'False'. There cannot be a bigger fallacy than this. GOD IS ONE and He is not Copyrighted by any particular community or religion. Religions have been created by humans, who are nothing more than just one more of His Countless Creations. Now there are more and more evidences of extra-terrestrial life. The Almighty belongs to them too, my dear religious zealots. The Almighty is not a registered patent of any particular religion. So much for that thing called 'True God'. And one more thing. Human history bears testimony to the fact that THE TRUER THAT A GOD IS, THE MORE DEADLY AND MALEVOLENT HE BECOMES, FOR ALL THOSE WHO ARE NOT IN THE TRUE GOD'S CAMP.
     Let us keep this short and succinct and to the point. My second misgiving is the tendency of most of the organized religions to proselytize, or convert people from other religious faiths to their religion, which comes along with the freebie add-on called 'True God'.  The whole purpose of conversion is to achieve the status of being in the majority, and the ultimate purpose of conversion is to ensure that all other faiths and view-points, opinions, and philosophies too, are all completely wiped off the face of this planet. Here too, my dear bigots of this world, GOD IS NOT AN INSECURE POLITICIAN WHO NEEDS THE MAJORITY OF VOTES AFTER EVERY FOUR OR FIVE YEARS, SO THAT HE CAN CONTINUE IN OFFICE AS GOD. THE ALMIGHTY WILL CONTINUE TO REMAIN THE ALMIGHTY, IN SPITE OF THE NUMBERS THAT YOU GARNER FOR HIM, AND ALSO IN SPITE OF THE LACK OF NUMBERS THAT YOU HAVE FAILED TO MUSTER FOR HIM! How stupid can mankind be!!!
    Now the third rant! Religion makes man to think that he is 'Very Special'. He is in 'God's Own Category and Image', and above all other animals and plants. This kind of vainglorious mentality has brought mankind to the brink of extinction. He cut trees with gay abandon thinking that no sin is going to be accrued by cutting trees and destroying the environment. After all, he is the spitting image of the Almighty himself. So he can do whatever he likes, and destroy trees and animals with impunity, and with scant regard to environment. As the things stand now, most probably the trees and animals are going to survive and outlive the 'very very special according to religions' human species. And at the same time, it appears that mankind is soon going to become extinct, because of Ozone Layer depletion and Global Warming etc., unless some very drastic measures are taken. Already, parts of Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq, have become uninhabitable for and too hot for humans to survive, and this kind of extreme and inhospitable weather conditions is only going to increase in the future. But many animals and plants can survive in these extreme conditions. The six legged water bear can sustain temperatures of up to 200 degree Celsius. There are so many other plants and animals that are well adapted to these inhuman climatic conditions. So, they will continue to exist. It is only that the vainglorious man with his bloated ego of invincibility, would have completely perished from this universe and become an extinct species.  So much for man's self-anointed superiority complex of being a spitting image of God, a falsehood that is once again perpetrated by organised religion. Man is at the best, just a very small part of this incredibly mystic and wonderfully beautiful creation by the ultimate creator, the Almighty, and he is not distinct or separate from it, as taught by most organized religions.
      The sum total of all this is that more innocent people have lost their lives in this world due to religion, than due to any other cause. How could I , a God-Lover, ever accept that something that has only bred hatred and divided the humanity, and something which is the killer of millions of people, and that which is killing millions of people, and that which will kill millions of people in the future, namely religion, can ever represent my omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent and my breathtakingly beautiful and mystically enigmatic Almighty God?
Biju Vasudevan (Author, Poet, and Creative Musician)


It's Not Your Fault

The mind only becomes agitated because of the conditioning in place and as long as there’s awareness of this, you don’t have to take on the burden of it being your fault which allows you to move on.

We will all do things from time to time that’s selfish in nature due to our conditioning and although this isn’t an excuse to condone when this is done, if you can realize it’s not your fault, this selfish energy won’t bind you up and you can move on. I know a lot of beautiful people who have hearts of gold and yet they fall short of anything like perfect adherence to the principle of always acting from a place of love and life is not really about that anyway. Understanding it’s not your fault when you act in a selfish manner actually lessens the control this energy has over you. It doesn’t lessen the responsibility incurred by the action, but by not holding on to a moment of selfishness and reliving it over and over, it’s power dissipates. For years I was selfish and it takes time to become unselfish, to me that this is even realized is the blessing; the behavior changes over time.

Most of my day is spent in a quiet place and although this is the place preferred, I know selfishness will arise, but it’s not my fault, it only arises because of the conditioning in place. The selfishness usually last seconds or minutes at the most, so why hold on to it as I know there will be hours spent in love. If I had the choice I would never be selfish, but that’s not realistic because of the conditioning in place. I do not condone nor ignore this, but my experience has been, by not giving the selfishness power to fester and grow, it arises less and less. The only reason the quietness is ever interrupted is because of the established conditioning and as long as there’s awareness of this, I don’t have to take on the burden of it being my fault which allows me to move on and return to a place of love.

Here's the problem with Success!

You have probably seen this person. Somewhere at the TAB , footy or local pub.

The sort that only talks about which wager he won not the time he lost everything bar - the clothes on his back.

Truth is there's no pointing sugar coating things.
And as much as we like to see victories it's more important to reflect on our losses.

Why ?

Because this is where personal growth start to kick in.

And there's no substitute for that. Any wise Entrepreneur will tell you they experienced some hard lessons along the way- essential in building character.

So if you are looking for the quick fix.
Maybe this gig isn't for you. Takes a lot of balls , hard work , and perseverance to make it in the business world.

For more than 2 years I've had to walk on some pretty hot coals and been rejected on a number of occasions.

By clients and Employers.
But the fact that I'm still hustling means I haven't been defeated.

So encourage everyone in my network to stay strong , be committed , and focused to reach your goals everyday.

You see Success is Sexy.

But getting there ain't.

Best Carlo

Direct Response Copywriter 

Self~Empowerment: Today’s Self-Communicate – 08/14/17~

Today’s self-empowering communication to positively affect yourself:
"I am cleansing my mind of negative thoughts with positive thoughts that are much more helpful and beneficial! I am washing away sadness and depressive thoughts with much more loving and enjoyable thoughts! I am happy to freshen my thoughts for positive results..."
to continue a greater life!
Great day to you, as a great day continues~
Edward F. T. Charfauros
Life Guide and Author

Collective Unconsciousness

Understanding why things are as they are goes a long way in breaking free from the collective conditioning, when one gets this there’s a real chance that history won’t repeat itself.

You should not be surprised by anything a human being does because history just repeats itself over and over and what’s repeated always seems to be based in greed, hate, and delusion. The faces change, but the collective conditioning doesn’t and even though there are many more people who are awake today, the collective unconsciousness still rules as the tools that keeps the unconsciousness in place as much more plentiful. There are just too many distractions in place for humanity to break free from the collective unconscious energy as a whole and there’s too many of these tools which have been in place for eons. Each human existence begins with these tools establishing their hold almost immediately. This is the reason it usually takes something profound to happen for one’s view to shift. It’s very difficult to do what it takes to change one’s conditioning because it takes looking within and the tools of the collective are mostly geared towards looking outward. Breaking free from the collective conditioning is possible, but highly unlikely.

This isn’t written to be discouraging, but this reality has to be faced and understood if there’s to be any semblance of freedom from the collectives grip. It’s energy is powerful and so enticing that it keeps the unconsciousness looking more attractive than what conscious brings. History repeats itself because it’s what’s known and the Conditioned Mind loves to default to the familiar. No human being will ever change if this isn’t realized because the unconscious energy already established is too deeply engrained. Understanding why things are as they are goes a long way in breaking free from the collective conditioning, and when one gets this there’s a real chance at least for the individual that history won’t repeat itself.

Self~Empowerment: Today’s Self-Communicate – 08/13/17~

Today’s self-empowering communication to positively affect yourself:
“I am willing and able to continue positively affecting my life regardless of the weather conditions and environmental changes! I am boldly moving forward and optimistic for positive changes regardless of my current situation and location! I am positively making the best of my situation serve me…”
to continue a greater life!
Great day to you, as a great day continues~
Edward F. T. Charfauros
Life Guide and Author