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Love From the Heart

You can live from your head, but you can only love from your heart. You don’t love in the past or future, you love in the present because the energy of the heart is from what’s happening now.

If you sit around waiting for the other shoe to drop it will happen because by expecting it, you are giving it the energy it needs to occur. Your projections eventually become your reality. Projections always come from our head, never from our heart. When we love it’s from the heart and that’s the energy we will emit, not the projecting energy of waiting for the other shoe to drop. That doesn’t mean everyone will love us back, although everyone’s heart is of love the Conditioned Mind blocks this from being known. It’s known in the head, but to truly emit love’s energy to others it has to be from the heart; the thought of love isn’t love. Going from the head to the heart is a difficult twelve inch transition and it’s the road less travelled. When the idea of love gets stuck in the head, there’s so much thinking involved and it becomes something other than love. I’m not sure what it becomes, but I do know when I love it strictly comes from my heart.

Projections always come from our head, this creates problems because the mind needs something to do if its not trained to be still. The mind that tries to solve problems is the same mind that creates them. If you make it a problem that the other shoe will drop, it will. You’re not separate from your mind, but sometimes it seems that you are. When you do something and say “why did I do that” the mind that told you to do it is the same mind that is making you question yourself. Nothing ever happens in your mind without your permission so when it’s learned to live from the heart, the head will no longer be in control projecting and waiting for the other shoe to drop. You will then be free to live your life as intended; from the love that is in your heart, instead of the mind made nonsense of what goes on between your ears.

Today Self~Empower Self-Communicate – 09/24/17~

Today’s self-empowering communication to positively affect yourself:
“I love the peace that I attain whenever I relax my self! I love the bliss I attain whenever I enjoy myself! I love the amusement that I attain whenever I entertain myself! I love the satisfaction that I attain whenever I accomplish and achieve…”
to continue a greater life!
Great day to you, as a great day continues~
Edward F. T. Charfauros
Life Guide and Author

Being With What Is

If you’re always trying to arrange things to your liking, it really shouldn’t be a surprise when most of the time things aren’t to your liking. One is truly free when it’s learned to be with what is, not what’s liked.

When listening to the radio and a song starts playing that is disliked, the reaction is to change the station to try and find a song that’s more suitable to one’s liking. This is the subtleness of the Conditioned Mind. It isn’t that you have to put up with things in life that aren’t like, by all means change the station, but understanding exactly why the station is being changed will assist in deciding if it really needs to be changed or not. Not much really changes whether the song is left on or not.

The radio station can be substituted with anything because it’s all arises from the same place; the Conditioned Mind. This time it’s a song, next time it’s a person or situation, but one doesn’t have to be a martyr and remain in their discontentment, once this is recognized, by that alone the attachment to self relinquishes the control it’s be given. This is vital if one is to be free of the subtle attachments created by the Conditioned Mind. The creator of all suffering is linked to some kind of attachment; a clinging to a certain belief that life would be more suitable if it were a certain way. When it’s understood life doesn’t have to be a certain way except in the way that it is that’s when one will be free, and it’s in this freedom that you can do whatever it is you like because it is known that your freedom isn’t dependent on it.

Meandering Thoughts of a Wandering Heart

     Strange are the ways of the heart! One wonders at times, how do you feel after a long spell of unending struggles and how you meander through a mix of amalgamated thoughts. You think and pause and wonder, that ohh, was that worth all the sighs and ahhs, that you put in! Was it really worth it , that you put your heart and soul towards a direction, which at the start of it, looks very attractive and appealing, but once the goals are achieved, the desire to go ahead loses its meaning.
   Your heart meanders through a spiralling wind, where you feel that you have reached square one, from where you have started! The ways of your heart and the ways of your mind are often so intertwined in a complicated manner, that you often as yourself the question, as to , now what?
  It is a strange stalemate, a stalemate which arises out a series of happenings, at a feverish pace and ultimately those things happen, which you fear that , this day would come, at the end of the tunnel.
But, then you sit back and understand, that this is what the entire entangled situation was about. It was a mingled  set of activities, which were a need of the hour and when you try to look back a re-evaluate and ponder over them, then you realise that all the work was required and after as long hiatus, one needs to sit back and take rest.
  Life has a strange melancholic way of rushing at a fast pace and suddenly when certain goals are achieved, it suddenly slows down and takes a meandering course of flow, just as lazy river, which is going to reach the sea! Little does the river realize that once it reaches its threshold, it will mingle with an entirely different attitude, a different identity.
   Life is like that , when you venture out as a young person, you are alive and full of aspirations, so desirous of getting what you want, but in its entirety, do you realize , what is actually substantial. What is actually what you want out of it. This is one thing, which most of the women and men, fail to realise, one just goes on and on, some feel , that this is life, some fee that , that is life, but how many really know what actually life is and what is a persons aim.
   Dreams are always the driving force behind whatever one wants to do, but does one ever ask your own self, that what the heart wants from you, what is actually the inner desire?
  You will be surprised that mostly the answer will be a assertive no. Then where is this world running to and what are the actually  seeking in Life.is it gay abandon, is it freedom, is it a goal, well the answer lies in your heart and soul and only those who discover, what their heart wants, realize the real worth of life.
  Our thoughts are just like waves in the sea, where the desires of the heart meanders and veers us in a direction of fulfilment and intonation and that is how I rate my state of mind at present.
One should know how to control ones heart, with the sheer power of the mind and once the heart is controlled, so is your Life! 

Today Self~Empower Self-Communicate – 09/23/17~

Today’s self-empowering communication to positively affect yourself:
“I am taking challenges head-on without hesitation because I am motivated and optimistic for desirable outcomes! I am overcoming obstacles directly without a doubt because I am determined and confident to succeed to where I desire to be! I am succeeding with determination, motivation, confidence, and optimism…”
to continue a greater life!
Great day to you, as a great day continues~
Edward F. T. Charfauros

A Story of Love

          Marriage begins with great love, joy and happiness. It begins with a vow of faithfulness, a promise to love our spouse until we die. With all hopefulness, couples begin their new lives together, expecting to love one another through all the challenges that life may bring. Unfortunately, about half of marriages eventually end in divorce, a devastating experience for both spouses and their children. The loss of love affects us deeply. Many members of a family, who experience a divorce, carry the scars for life. When unfaithfulness is the cause of divorce, it can leave even more profound wounds from which many do not fully recover. Feelings of betrayal and shattered trust are often carried into future relationships. After the shock and disillusionment, a natural response to unfaithfulness is anger. It is a justifiable anger that expresses our unfathomable disappointment for a trust that has been crushed. Have you experienced the unfaithfulness of someone who you loved?

On numerous occasions, scripture uses unfaithfulness in marriage as an analogy to express the disloyalty of man to a God who loves us immeasurably. When God makes a covenant with man, it is often compared to a marriage vow. It is an eternal promise, and when God makes a promise, He is never unfaithful. One example, which illustrates God’s faithfulness to an unfaithful people, is found in the Book of Hosea. The tribe of Ephraim led the 10 northern tribes of Israel in a revolt against the two southern tribes of Judah. It was one of the northern kingdom’s wives, Jezebel, who introduced the worship of Baal and caused the people to abandon God. Hosea lived decades later, during the time when Israel was about to be overtaken by the Assyrians. Hosea warned Israel of impending destruction, if they did not repent and return to the love of God, but they did not heed the warnings. Assyria would soon attack Israel and the people would be taken into captivity and exiled from their land. The 10 tribes would eventually be scattered among other nations.   

The prophet, Hosea, begins his story by recounting his own experience. God commanded him to marry a prostitute. Yes, that’s right, a prostitute. Through Hosea, we are given insights into the fidelity of God’s love for us. Hosea relates how he felt when his wife was unfaithful as he expresses God’s disappointment in His peoples’ disloyalty. At first, Hosea conveys God’s anger: “I will put an end to all her mirth…And I will lay waste her vines and her fig trees…the beasts of the field shall devour them...And I will punish her for the feast days of the Ba′als…when she…went after her lovers, and forgot me” (Hosea 2:11-13).

Although God expressed His anger in Israel’s unfaithfulness, God is a loving God. Hosea 11:8-9 beautifully articulates God’s compassion for Israel: 

How can I make you like Admah! (one of the cities destroyed near Sodom)
    How can I treat you like Zeboi′im!
(another city destroyed near Sodom)
My heart recoils within me,
    my compassion grows warm and tender. 

I will not execute my fierce anger,
    I will not again destroy E′phraim;
for I am God and not man,
    the Holy One in your midst,
    and I will not come to destroy.

Hosea also has compassion for his unfaithful wife. Throughout his account, Hosea relates the depth of understanding he developed about unfaithfulness through his own experience. He eventually redeems his wife by buying her back out of slavery. In His infinite mercy, God could not allow the destruction of Israel. Instead, Assyria removed the 10 tribes from their land, some in captivity and others in exile. The remnants would eventually make homes throughout the nations of the Middle East and along the Mediterranean. Instead of destroying the northern tribes, God scattered them to await a future time of redemption.

God would send His Son to redeem His people, to die for Israel, Judah and all of mankind. His love for us, even in our unfaithfulness, is so overwhelming, that He chose to become a man like us to demonstrate His own faithfulness toward us. God’s covenant is a promise to love us eternally. Those who choose to love Christ will rejoice and exult and give him the glory, for the marriage of the Lamb (Christ) has come, and his Bride (Christ’s Church) has made herself ready; it was granted her to be clothed with fine linen, bright and pure” (Revelation 19:7-8). The Church is made pure through the blood Jesus shed on the cross. His perfect sacrifice has washed away our unfaithfulness. Through the mercy and compassion of Christ, we are able to present ourselves as a faithful bride, who is forgiven of every sin. 

© 2017  Helen Kamenos  All rights reserved


I Focused Stories

A story always needs a subject to focus on to be created. We supply the subject of all our stories when our focus is on the base of I. Without I, our innate divinity sustains itself naturally without the need for a story.

The subtitle of my book “You Are Not Your Thoughts” could have been You Are Not Your Stories. How attached one is to their stories is related to how disconnected one is to their divinity within. Every made up story is related to I and the more I controls, the less one is in alignment with their divinity. Just think about how the stories occur, when there’s traffic, who’s in the traffic? When there’s an individual who passes by and there’s an attraction, who is attracted to them? How about dessert, when it’s time for dessert, who is craving the desire to be satisfied? When anything is wanted, who is the individual who is wanting? All these questions have one answer in common, they’re all derived from I and it’s I who is the creator of all the stories. I want this or I want that, I don’t like this, I want this different, I want, I want, I want, all this wanting is just a story that keeps one from experiencing their own divinity.

Without I wanting is to be without a story and without the story there will be enough quietness to hear the divine urging within that is one’s true innate calling. The difference between one’s thoughts and one’s divinity is thoughts create a story that needs I to believe I am my thoughts and then the Conditioned Mind creates a story from these thoughts, but the story isn’t you as your thoughts aren’t you. It all begins with the attachment to I which makes you think your thoughts are who you are. Don’t attach I to your thoughts and it will be impossible to create an I story.

The divine always occurs in the present moment, why this isn’t known by more people is because of the attachment to I created stories. The divine is not a story, it’s divine. It doesn’t need a story, it always is. It’s the human development of I that doesn’t make this known. Anyone who has any inkling of truth in their life has at least minimized the attachment to I. It’s the only way for one to get quiet enough to realize “You Are Not Your Thoughts” and in the process there’s also the realization you are not your I subjected created stories either.