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Responsive Website Development and Design

Your website is the first impression of your business. A user-friendly, easy to navigate and search engine optimized website is the best wa...

How to break bad Website habits

Everyday I visit scores of websites.

Why do I do this? Just like a Scientist I like to dissect and analyse all the average content from all the good stuff out there.

In a way if defeats the purpose of having a website if your content doesn't capture your prospect right away.

So you're probably asking me right now, Carlo "how do I get better at writing web copy"?. Good question.

For starters it's better to avoid cliches ,drivel , and Sales hype at all costs.

Most of the time when I'm writing Web Copy I follow these Copywriting techniques below.

Enjoy this list ...

1) Short paragraphs – four sentences max; short sentences – twelve on average

2) Avoiding the passive tense-  The homeowners renovated the house to help it sell. (active) The house was renovated by the homeowners to help it sell. (passive) leave out unnecessary words; Market-leading – Which market are you leading? And do your customers care?

3) Avoiding jargon and gobbledygook; "At the end of the day can be replaced with ultimately, essentially, or just omit

4) Avoiding needless repetition; The company’s share price reached a new record high. Delete “new. Avoid using the word I , We, or ours and replace with You, Yours .

5) Use Shortened text.  Instead  of As Soon As Possible.   "One of our team will be in touch with you ASAP"

Some pretty basic stuff.
(Sorry but couldn't help myself  with today's Web lesson).

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Best Carlo
Direct Response Copywriter

It's Only a Thought

Unless the mind settles enough to see itself, most of one’s thoughts will be a conditioned lie so you really shouldn’t believe everything you think because a thought is but a thought and it’s not necessarily true.

Nothing is a problem unless it’s made into one. Think of the context of this simple yet profound sentence. Here are some of the ways the mind becomes conditioned and if one gets quiet enough this conditioning can be seen. The car in front of me is going to slow, I have to go food shopping, I’m tired, my allergies are horrible, I’m bored, etc, etc, etc. All of these start out as a single thought, but that isn’t where the problem lies the thought just arises, something triggers the attachment to it and what happens next is where the problem arises from because we believe the thought. We actually think the car in front is going to slow, or going food shopping is something we don’t like. We believe our thoughts to be true and then we attach to them and become controlled by them. If the thought wasn’t labeled to be true, we would be able to see it simply for what it is . We would see what was really going on instead of what our conditioned mind was making up. It would be seen the car in front of us really isn’t going to slow, we are just being controlled by our undisciplined thoughts.

Learn to watch the nonsense that’s believed to be true, but there’s so much of it that it’s hard to grasp. I mentioned one time to a person about the way we poison ourselves with tobacco products and his response was, he enjoyed them. This is insanity to enjoy poisoning yourself, but that’s the lie of a Conditioned Mind. People enjoy all sorts of things that are harmful to themselves, this also includes associated behaviors that harm others, and one’s own mind justifies it all. All I am saying is watch the thoughts that you think and learn how so many are based in lies to keep you in captivity to the Conditioned Mind. By no means should you take my word for it, the next time a thought pops into your head, take a moment before you label and act on it, and really take notice if what you are thinking is true or if it’s just a lie of your Conditioned Mind.

Life-A Reflection of the Sea( an introspection)

Life- A Reflection of the Sea

Life passes you without you realising, that, "oh", this has also passed!

It's like the absolute calm after a storm.Your life is like the sea, which keeps its stability, no matter what happens on the surface.

It looks calm, but,if you take a dip inside and enter the realms and wade through the depths of the sea, then you will realize that there is so much of action in the fish kingdom! Hither and tither the fishes keep swimming, to look for food and saving themselves from becoming a prey!

In the same way life has a lot going on in the inner conscience and most of the people, don't realize that they have to get a hold of their lives and not get affected by the turmoils they face outside and as a result disturbing the inner balance.

Life goes on, whether you have the worst kind of problems, as,time heals everything and hope and ultimate faith in God, carries you through every thick and thin!

Those who have acquired this inner peace and stay unaffected by the outside turmoil,are mostly successful not only in their careers but ,also live a good life as content human beings.

Inner peace is that realm of any persons conscience, which is stable and stays like that forever.Like if you are on the seaside, you are at peace, hardly knowing what is going on in the depths of the sea!

In the same way every person should strive to be at peace, perpetually, as it is the key to success, not only for your own self, but,beneficial immensely,for those with whom they are related to.

Life goes on and so do the turmoils which vanquish you, move on! A wise person accepts this reality of the volatile nature of life and stays unaffected by the outside happenings around him.

Life is like the calm and blue sea, with storms coming and going, yet life goes on! So try to learn lessons from the mighty sea and stay " Calm!", in the face the worst life scenarios. Believe me , any restlessness or distrust on God, will not lead you anywhere. Just think to yourself and say, " God this will also pass , I know it, as these are the ways of Life!"

Today Self~Empower Self-Communicate – 08/20/17~

Today’s self-empowering communication to positively affect yourself:
“I am accountable to myself to improve my moments as I desire them to be! I am pleasuring my thoughts with awesome ideas to positively affect my circumstances for better! I am enticing my thoughts with ideal solutions to improve my situations…”
to continue a greater life!
Great day to you, as a great day continues~
Edward F. T. Charfauros
Life Guide and Author

The Learning Curve of Compassion

There’s a learning curve in life that allows one to let things go so compassion can arise. It matters little what our intentions are if what comes out of our mouth or if our actions aren’t from compassion.

This learning curve of life isn’t something to be held onto for strict adherence, it’s more so used to stay opened to the ever expanding view of compassion and not get caught up in self serving actions. Compassion and tolerance especially have to be at the forefront when others are involved. It’s not always easy to understand where others are coming from so it’s better not to judge and try to deal with each situation from a place of neutrality. This is much easier said than done, but by practicing quietness it gets easier to decipher what the most beneficial course of action is for all involved. We shouldn’t be to hard on ourselves especially because the Conditioned Mind process of awakening is slow and it has to be accepted as it is if one is to be at peace. On the other hand our conditioning is not to be ignored because we won’t learn from it and the same reactions will be repeated over and over again.

Although our journey may seem mundane at times, it’s only a self serving mind that makes it appear this way; life can never truly be mundane. Every moment of everyday is new unto itself, and when it’s lived in the present, it’ll be realized what a gift life truly is. It’ll be understood that what our learning curve affords us is not the mundane life of living in the past or future, but the ability to live in the present more and more and respond to life from a place of compassion instead of reacting from a self serving mind. The more this is done, the less mundane life will be and the more compassion one will have for themselves and hence for all beings.

The Surprising cure to Business failure!

Have you been there? I’m sure we all have.

The all too familiar light bulb moment pops up in our mind from nowhere.
You want to start a business.

And with unbridled enthusiasm you want to share your talents and skills to the world. Suddenly boom! Crash! Something happens.

And you start getting that queasy feeling inside the walls of your stomach.
Could it be from last night’s re-heated dinner? Somehow I don't think so. So instead of getting closer to your dreams you start seeing nightmares in the form of not one , but two or three unforeseen obstacles.

Meaning you struggle to get things happening. And you lose your energy, your passion, and your desire to succeed. Suddenly you hit a road bump, and grind to a halt.

It’s almost feels like it’s Game! Set and match!

Worse still those little voices inside your head keep whispering “it’s now time to give up”. You know what if you love what you do there’s always going to be days when you want to throw in the towel.

Trick is not to listen those little inner voices because your next success could be just around the corner.

Truth is ... whilst it’s tempting to throw in the towel , it’s far more satisfying when you push through those walls of resistance and make that breakthrough.

P.S Running a Business is not a bright shiny object pastime

Best Carlo
Direct Response Copywriter 

Responsive Website Development and Design

Your website is the first impression of your business. A user-friendly, easy to navigate and search engine optimized website is the best way to represent your products, services and company values to website visitors. Now a day’s websites are the first way to impress your clients and prospect.

Your website can be your best marketing agent and will bring more clients and revenue. A wise little investment helps to explore new success.

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